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Published October 25, 2012 by vampirefantasy

“Hey ! do you know we are having a dance night in the school today ? So are you coming ?” I asked Ryan when he was reading a book in the library.
“Are you coming ?” Ryan asked.
“Yeah ! I am” I smiled.
“I am also coming.So I am gonna pick you up”Ryan said to me.
“Alright ! see you at 8’o clock in the evening ” I told him and went back to my class.
At around 7’o clock, I went out for buying bread, as I was returning, I saw a man in the forest. I couldn’t see his face clearly but it seemed that he was drinking the blood of a woman.I ran towards my home and closed the door hastily. I was breathing so fast. I questioned myself if I was doing right by trusting Ryan. But I thought that he is not like other blood-drinking vampires, than I began dressing up for the party and tried to divert my mind.
My door bell rang at 8’o clock
“You are looking gorgeous ” Ryan gave me the compliment while standing outside the  home.
“Thank you ” I smiled sweetly.
He opened the door of his car like a gentleman so that I can sit in car. He followed the rule of ‘ladies first’ very well.
“Lamborghini is my favorite car” I saw the interior of the car.
“Thank you ” he smiled.
“Today I saw something unusual. I saw a man or may be a vampire drinking the blood of a woman in the forest near my house.”I told him with a little fear in my voice.
“So,did you see him ?” He asked suspiciously.
“No” I answered.
“Do you drink human blood ” I asked. I thought his answer would be no.
“Actually, I drink human blood. Animal blood is not sufficient for us. We will get weak and our capacity of enduring the sun will also decrease if we don’t intake human blood. So we required it on a regular basis.We can obtain blood bags from blood banks or we can even prefer to obtain it from the source itself “He explained.
“Source means we, the humans. So, I can also be a source for a vampire. Huh ! Its more scarier than I thought ” I passed a fake smile.
“Alina, you are never gonna be ‘ the source ‘ for me. Moreover, I prefer blood bags” He clarified.
We reached at the party.
“Wow Alina, you are looking awesome, Babe ” Harper gave me the compliment. I smiled.
“Look, who is with Alina….Ryan, good to see you here, can I have a dance with you, If Alina doesn’t mind ” Farah was feeling jealous .
“Hey ! You don’t need my permission, ask Ryan if he wanna go .”I said to Farah
“Oh please Ryan. I just want a dance ” Farah requested
“Alright ” Ryan smiled and went to the dance floor to dance with her.
“What is going on between you and Ryan ?”Elle asked excitedly .
“Nothing. We are just good friends ” I told her.
“Oh really ! Don’t you dare to hide anything from us ” Harper warned me.
Joe and Nike came and took Elle and Harper to dance with them. When Ryan saw that I was standing alone, he came to me.
“Why did you left Farah alone ?” I asked while drinking coke .
“She is gonna find someone else but I can’t leave you alone ” Ryan said to me while looking at me softly.
I had never received so much attention from any boy. He had surely made a very special place in my heart. I don’t know why, but whenever he was around me, I could feel the same thousand volts of current passing through my body which I felt when I saw him for the first time.
“So can I have a dance with you, Ms. Alina Emerson ?” He asked cutely.
“Of course Mr. Ryan Kingston” I gave my hand in his hand and walked towards the dance floor. We began dancing. We were dancing with a big grin over our face. When he was with me, I felt like I am the most luckiest girl.Whenever he was with me , He took me into some other world. A world full of love, affection and care.
I returned to my home with Elle because if Ryan would have dropped me, my father would have been really angry.



Published October 24, 2012 by vampirefantasy

Ryan finally came to school.He was going in the class but I stopped him
” Ryan, I am really sorry for whatever I have done ” I apologized.
“Actually you have reacted in the same way that the other people would do after meeting a monster like me ” He said to me and began walking towards the class.
“Hey ! stop. I never meant to make you feel like a monster but I was very much confused . But believe me, I trust you. You would never do anything to hurt me .You tried your best to stop yourself and you succeeded so please don’t think that I am scared of you.Rather you saved my life from those two vampires .So I respect you”I smiled.
We sat together in the class.
“I am sorry I could not invite you in my house that day, because my father is the owner, so he only have the authority to invite you in ” I apologized.
“You know a lot about us ” He smiled.
“Yes ! I know. But how are you able to walk in the sun ?I can’t see you sparkling or wearing any kind of ring.” I asked confusingly.
“Actually.Neither we sparkle nor we require any ring.As we grow older, our capacity of enduring the sun increases. I can endure the sun for about 8 to 10 hours. New vampires can only bear the sunlight for about 2 to 4 hours. Older vampires ultimately get immune to any kind of danger that sunlight contains. But even after 8-10 hours, I will not burn. It will just create migraine problems, I will experience severe irritation on my skin and I will get very weak” He clarified.
Then we began concentrating in our class.In recess, I didn’t sit with Elle, Harper and Farah, rather I went to school terrace with Ryan for getting answers of my unending questions.
” So, whats your age ?” I asked suspiciously.
” I am 103 years old ” He answered with his golden grin.
“So….do you get affected by holy water, crucifix or garlic ?” I asked with a stupid expression on my face. He smiled.
“These are myths, Alina. And please don’t ask if we sleep in coffins because you know the answer.Believe me, Internet sucks… because it spreads unbelievably stupid myths about vampires “He laughed.
“Is it painful to live the same life for so many years ?” I asked. I thought that he was a sufferer but I think I was wrong.
“You seemed really obsessed by the twilight series”He laughed. I laughed on my own stupidity.
” Yes, there are many vampires who are sufferer but I chose a different path. Initially I hated myself but slowly Sara taught me to enjoy my life ” He added.
“Who is Sara ? I see you hanging out with some students who are from different class.Is she one of them ?I asked.
” Girl, you notice me ” he smirked.
” No..I don’t. It’s just that I saw you once or twice with them ” I clarified while shying.
“OK….Yeah ! She is one of them. Earlier, we were in college but we got bored with doing college again and again, so we decided to be a part of a school this year “He told me.
“We spend a lot of time in different hobbies. We learn different languages.We go to different cities and enjoy their culture. Being a vampire, you have a lot of time to fulfill your dreams ” He smiled.
“But…you don’t look happy all the time. I have seen you sitting alone sometimes, with a deep sadness over your face” I said with a curiosity over my face to know him.
“I must say girl, You notice me a LOT ” He again smirked.May be he didn’t want to discuss this topic.
“I guess, the recess is over so we should go downstairs” He added.
We both went to classroom and didn’t have any conversation regarding his vampirism afterward.I lied to Elle, Harper and Farah that I was busy doing my homework in the library during the recess .


Published October 24, 2012 by vampirefantasy

I just couldn’t forget how Ryan was chasing me for killing me. I always thought that vampires are always as same as they are portrayed in the romantic fantasy movies but may be the truth was something else. But how could I ignore the face that he didn’t hurt me.I was so confused with lots of questions arising in my mind.My dad was at his shop so I was totally alone in my home. Suddenly the door bell rang. I opened the door and it was RYAN.
“Please, invite me in. I want to talk to you ” Ryan pleaded.He asked my permission to enter in my house as being a vampire he was unable to enter in my house.
“Right now, I don’t wanna talk to you ” I said to him in a shivering voice.
“I never meant to hurt you. It’s just that I couldn’t control myself at that point of time. I am not a threat ” He explained
” But you tried to kill me ” I said firmly.
” Fine.Its hard to believe a vampire,Right ? ” He said annoyingly.
” From today onward , I am not a part of your life ” He added.He went away
I closed the door. I started crying because I was very much confused .I didn’t know how to deal with this problem. He really seemed no threat but inviting him in could be a big deal. Even I wasn’t the owner of my house, It was my father, so I didn’t have any authority to invite him in.
Next day I went to school but he was absent .I was quite surprised. I thought that he had left the school or may be the town as well.Three days passed and he was still absent . It worried me a lot. I considered it my fault as I didn’t give him even a single chance. I realized that I was wrong . Vampires are considered as soulless creatures but after all the conversation I had with him, I don’t think that he was soulless. I wished he returned back because I wanted to know him. I was feeling very guilty because I might have made him feel that he was a monster.


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Merry-land High school’s founder’s Birthday.
We were celebrating our High school’s founder, Mr. Peterson’s Birthday. We all dressed up nicely.I was wearing a beautiful black middie dress and I left my long hairs opened. We all were partying but I wasn’t enjoying it too much. We all gathered in our school ground. Ryan came in the ground.
“OMG ! The hottie is here” Elle exclaimed.
Today I realized that Ryan wasn’t even noticing me. He didn’t make any effort to talk to me.
” Alina, can you please bring my register from the classroom ?”Mr. Braun asked.
” Of course, Mr. Braun” I smiled and went into the school building. Since , all the students were outside, I was totally alone.As I was walking, I felt as if someone was following me. I turned, and there was nothing. Suddenly, Ryan came inside and asked ” Hey ! What are you doing here ?” He asked suspiciously as if he had realized that I was feeling something strange. As I was about to answer,  I accidentally cut my arm from the corner of the iron-desk which was kept near me. My arm started bleeding. Ryan was showing very awkward expressions on his face. He looked at me as if he was gonna eat me. He shouted ” Run ! Alina”
“Whats going on Ryan ? are you fine ?” I asked.
One drop of my blood fell on the ground. He bent. He done something, which I had never imagined in my life. He tasted it. He looked at me. His blue eyes turned into evil red.He was showing his sharp fangs. He was trying to avoid seeing my arm. I got unconscious. He screamed ” Run, please run !”
I ran. But as I was about to turn, He was standing in front of me. I changed my route whereas he was trying hard enough to control his craving for blood. As I was running, I came across two more vampires who were looking more desperate to drink my blood. As I was standing far from them I immediately changed my way and hide myself in a classroom. Suddenly, Ryan appeared. I was about to shout, But he kept his long and smooth hands over my mouth in order to prevent me from shouting.
“Hey ! Everything is fine now.”He told me and removed his hand.
“Are you fine ? and what about those two guys ?” I asked while sobbing.
“I’ m Sorry Alina” H e apologized and left the room extremely fast. He ran so fast that I was barely able to see him.
I didn’t tell anybody about this incident, but I was pretty sure that he was a vampire. I have always been obsessed by vampires but having one in my life seemed a big deal.
I was knowing that I have to keep it as a secret.


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I think I had begun liking him but I didn’t want to accept my feelings rather I started avoiding him to stop my feelings growing further for him.
“Alina, A-Alina” He shouted my name in corridor in order to stop me but I avoided him and moved on.
He ran towards me, held my arm so tightly, that it forced me to face towards him.
“Whats wrong , Ryan? I asked, while watching other students passing by, and staring us.
“Whats wrong with you Alina? You are behaving so strange, You have to tell me.”He forced me to answer while holding my arm.The girls who were watching us were whispering with each other. I heard a girl saying “gosh ! He is looking so sexy” It made me even more uncomfortable, I made efforts to free my arm from his grip, but I failed. I finally answered him “I don’t want us to hangout together”He left my arm, leaving reddish marks on it and went away in a super-angry mood.I felt very bad but It was for the good. My father never wanted me to develop any kind of romantic relationship with anyone during my school life. He trusted me so I didn’t want to break his trust. I was knowing that Ryan must not be feeling anything more than friendship for a girl like me, but I wasn’t able to control what I felt for him so I considered it a better option to break my friendship with him.He was staring me in the classroom while I was talking with Elle and Harper.I wish I could stay there so that he could stare me as long as he want but I went to washroom.
“I can’t feel anything for him”I tried to convince myself.
“Move on Alina, All boys are same. They just use girls and throw them away” I never agreed with this fact but in order to convince myself I repeated this line in my mind.


Published October 22, 2012 by vampirefantasy

As I reached the school next day, I was very excited to enter in my class, may be because of Ryan. Elle sat with Joe, Harper with Nike and Farah with Jeremy ,so, Ryan sat with me.
“We have a Musical Show on Sunday and I want all of you to participate and perform couple dances like salsa, waltz, etc.” Mrs. Forbes came in class,announced and went away.
“That’s so cool” Elle exclaimed.
“Yeah ! It is.” Harper agreed.
“So lets decide our partners”Farah suggested.
All girls wanted to be the partner of Ryan but I think he was not ready to be a part of this show. Since I was very shy, I didn’t ask any boy to be my partner, neither, any boy asked me 😦
I was sitting sadly in canteen, Ryan approached me.
“Hey ! are you all right.”Ryan asked.
I couldn’t stop staring him, once again. I was feeling like a retarded girl who was watching the most handsome boy of the school or probably the universe with a crazy smile on face.Suddenly, I woke up from my dreams and answered him.
” I just want to be a part of this show but may be I am not good enough to be someone’s partner” I sighed.
I never thought I would be able to show my feeling to a boy so freely. Even, Elle has to request me a lot for telling her my problems but I think, He may be had magic in his voice which made me feel so secure to tell him my problem with such a faith. He sat besides me.

“Well, I didn’t wanna be a part of this show but may be you are good enough to rope me in.”He said while looking  at my face though I wasn’t looking at him, rather, I was  trying to control my feelings for him by staring the ground.
“No, I think you deserve a better partner”I told him my opinion.
” I was looking for a perfect partner and I think I have found one” He paused.” You have to accept yourself. Love what you are, May be, you have something special, which no one have “He said to me in a very polite, though, convincing voice.
“Girl, don’t think so negative, you are better than many people who are living on this big  jail-like world” He added.
I didn’t want him to feel like I am a very blunt and gloomy girl so I preferred to stop our conversation. “OK, I will tell you tomorrow”I said with a smile.He smiled back.
I asked Elle about it who was performing with Joe,She encouraged me to dance with him.
“OK ! I would love to be your partner” I told him.
“So can we start our practice? And believe me, Alina, we are gonna rock the stage.” He gave a very Sparky look.
We began choreographing our dance.He hold my hand and I felt like I am the most luckiest girl. He looked in my eyes and we began Waltz. I was just dancing  with a big grin on my face. At one point I was so close to him, that I was barely able to breathe, as I wasn’t able to believe that it’s happening. But I think I am the only one who ruins the mood. I took my step back, again keeping a comfortable distance between us. We practiced daily and it was the show time. We danced together and I think I became one of the most popular girl of the school, just by dancing with Ryan. Harper and Farah were very jealous whereas Elle was really happy as I really worked well with a boy for the first time. So double thumbs up for me.
We began to spend time with each other, as our whole group sat together and ate, but usually, I wasn’t the one who was talking freely, I just laughed at their non-humorous jokes but talked very less whereas Ryan preferred  to smack down  other boys with his clever answers or hangout with some other bunch of boys who were also new in school, just a little less smarter than Ryan, but still, more than enough for any ordinary woman.There was a girl in that group too. He seemed quiet comfortable with them though they were from different classes. Actually they all have joined the school at the same time.
My days were going very nice as I was the girl who was getting Ryan’s attention more than any other school girl. The beauties and the hotties of the school began noticing me. Though, It didn’t matter to me as anything that mattered , was being with him, talking to him, even if it was just for five minutes. Believe me, those five minutes, made my days beautiful.


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I reached my home and opened the entrance door. I was very tired so I directly went to my room and threw my bag on the bed . I sat on a chair which was placed in my room.
” Are you there Alina ? Come downstairs. I have prepared the lunch” my Dad called.
“Coming Dad ” I said in an exhausted manner.
I came down and sat on the dining table. Dad asked “So, how was your day today ?”
“Good Dad. Teachers are really nice” I replied while chewing my food.
Then I noticed a little sadness over my father’s face.
” Hey dad ! Is something wrong ? Tell me. ” I asked.
” What ? Nothing. I’m fine, really fine.” He replied while eating his food and concentrating on his plate.
” Missing Mom ?” I asked sorrowfully .
He nodded his head. I remember how my mother left all of us in year 2000 when I was just 4 years old, without telling us. Dad tried to contact her a lot but he couldn’t communicate with her. She must have gone for a good purpose because as much as I know my mother, She was really a nice person. I only have a ring given by her as a memory.
” Do you remember what your mother said about the ring you are wearing ?” he asked with full concern.
” Yes Dad, I remember.” I smiled.
“She had told me to never put off this ring and I had also promised her that I would never do so .” I told him and wiped off a tear rolling down my cheeks.
It was an ancient ring with an emerald It was indeed beautiful.

As we finished the food, he wore his jacket wished me good-bye and went to his shop. My dad had a food store. It was a well reputed food store of our area. I also went upstairs to my room . I opened my laptop and checked my mails. My door bell rang. It was Elle.
“So, are you busy ?” Elle asked.
“No,Just checking my mails.”I replied while checking my mails.She sat on the bed.
“So what do you think about the hottie ?” She asked gladly.
“Who hottie ?” I asked, though knowing that she was asking about Ryan.
“Girl, He is Ryan. No one can forget him.I really like him and I’m gonna talk to him tomorrow.”She told me.
All I could do is to encourage her.At night, after eating dinner, I went to my room and laid on the bed. I slept. I saw something mysterious and strange in my dream.I saw a forest, my ring, blood over my body and RYAN. I woke up ,realizing it was a dream I sighed and slept again.But I didn’t know why I saw Ryan in my dreams.
NEXT DAY at school.
Joe and his friend circle approached our group.
“So girls, what are you doing this evening ?” Joe asked.
“Nothing.Is there any plan ?” Harper asked.
“Yeah ! we are planning to hangout at LA CHICA, the restaurant ” Nike, a friend of Joe, told us.
“Oh ! That’s a nice plan, boy. Count us in .”Elle replied.
I never talked to Joe , Nike or any other school boy in a comfortable manner so no boy was my friend .Suddenly, Ryan entered in the class room.
“Hey ! Ryan, Come here” Joe called him.
“Meet them. She’s Elle, she’s Harper, That’s Farah and She is Alina.” Joe introduced us to him.
“Hie girls.Glad to meet you all. So are you all joining us today at LA CHICA ?
“Yes, yes, we are ” Harper, Elle and Farah replied together.
“And you ?” Ryan asked me.
” Yes, me too ” I answered him with a smile.
I really didn’t know how to deal with boys so I never talked to them too much.
“Hey girls, whats up ?” Jeremy, Joe’s another friend asked us in a flirty way.
“Awesome. So where are Ryan, Joe and Nike ?” Farah asked him.
He pointed his finger towards their table and took us with him.We sat with them.
“So guys, what to do next ? Lets play Truth and dare.” Nike suggested.
He spun the bottle and the first was Elle.
” So Elle, tell us, with whom would you like to spend a day ” Joe asked.
“I would say Ryan.” She answered shyly .
Ryan smiled with a shy over his face. Nike again spun the bottle and this time, it stopped at me. Jeremy told  “So Alina, I wold like to see you singing”.
” What ? Guys ! It’s not cool. ” I argued.
“Yes Alina, You have to ” Elle forced me.
I began singing…

I want you,
I love you,
I have waited for you so long
I need you,
I like you,
I just want you to be with me

Everyone clapped for me but Ryan was looking deep into my eyes .Suddenly Harper exclaimed ” Good , girl !” It broke the eye-bond between me and Ryan.
We continued the game and returned to our respective houses at around 8:00 pm. I was smiling, singing and dancing in my room and then suddenly I felt like someone was in my room but there was nothing . I was tired so I slept around 10:00 pm.