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I reached my home and opened the entrance door. I was very tired so I directly went to my room and threw my bag on the bed . I sat on a chair which was placed in my room.
” Are you there Alina ? Come downstairs. I have prepared the lunch” my Dad called.
“Coming Dad ” I said in an exhausted manner.
I came down and sat on the dining table. Dad asked “So, how was your day today ?”
“Good Dad. Teachers are really nice” I replied while chewing my food.
Then I noticed a little sadness over my father’s face.
” Hey dad ! Is something wrong ? Tell me. ” I asked.
” What ? Nothing. I’m fine, really fine.” He replied while eating his food and concentrating on his plate.
” Missing Mom ?” I asked sorrowfully .
He nodded his head. I remember how my mother left all of us in year 2000 when I was just 4 years old, without telling us. Dad tried to contact her a lot but he couldn’t communicate with her. She must have gone for a good purpose because as much as I know my mother, She was really a nice person. I only have a ring given by her as a memory.
” Do you remember what your mother said about the ring you are wearing ?” he asked with full concern.
” Yes Dad, I remember.” I smiled.
“She had told me to never put off this ring and I had also promised her that I would never do so .” I told him and wiped off a tear rolling down my cheeks.
It was an ancient ring with an emerald It was indeed beautiful.

As we finished the food, he wore his jacket wished me good-bye and went to his shop. My dad had a food store. It was a well reputed food store of our area. I also went upstairs to my room . I opened my laptop and checked my mails. My door bell rang. It was Elle.
“So, are you busy ?” Elle asked.
“No,Just checking my mails.”I replied while checking my mails.She sat on the bed.
“So what do you think about the hottie ?” She asked gladly.
“Who hottie ?” I asked, though knowing that she was asking about Ryan.
“Girl, He is Ryan. No one can forget him.I really like him and I’m gonna talk to him tomorrow.”She told me.
All I could do is to encourage her.At night, after eating dinner, I went to my room and laid on the bed. I slept. I saw something mysterious and strange in my dream.I saw a forest, my ring, blood over my body and RYAN. I woke up ,realizing it was a dream I sighed and slept again.But I didn’t know why I saw Ryan in my dreams.
NEXT DAY at school.
Joe and his friend circle approached our group.
“So girls, what are you doing this evening ?” Joe asked.
“Nothing.Is there any plan ?” Harper asked.
“Yeah ! we are planning to hangout at LA CHICA, the restaurant ” Nike, a friend of Joe, told us.
“Oh ! That’s a nice plan, boy. Count us in .”Elle replied.
I never talked to Joe , Nike or any other school boy in a comfortable manner so no boy was my friend .Suddenly, Ryan entered in the class room.
“Hey ! Ryan, Come here” Joe called him.
“Meet them. She’s Elle, she’s Harper, That’s Farah and She is Alina.” Joe introduced us to him.
“Hie girls.Glad to meet you all. So are you all joining us today at LA CHICA ?
“Yes, yes, we are ” Harper, Elle and Farah replied together.
“And you ?” Ryan asked me.
” Yes, me too ” I answered him with a smile.
I really didn’t know how to deal with boys so I never talked to them too much.
“Hey girls, whats up ?” Jeremy, Joe’s another friend asked us in a flirty way.
“Awesome. So where are Ryan, Joe and Nike ?” Farah asked him.
He pointed his finger towards their table and took us with him.We sat with them.
“So guys, what to do next ? Lets play Truth and dare.” Nike suggested.
He spun the bottle and the first was Elle.
” So Elle, tell us, with whom would you like to spend a day ” Joe asked.
“I would say Ryan.” She answered shyly .
Ryan smiled with a shy over his face. Nike again spun the bottle and this time, it stopped at me. Jeremy told  “So Alina, I wold like to see you singing”.
” What ? Guys ! It’s not cool. ” I argued.
“Yes Alina, You have to ” Elle forced me.
I began singing…

I want you,
I love you,
I have waited for you so long
I need you,
I like you,
I just want you to be with me

Everyone clapped for me but Ryan was looking deep into my eyes .Suddenly Harper exclaimed ” Good , girl !” It broke the eye-bond between me and Ryan.
We continued the game and returned to our respective houses at around 8:00 pm. I was smiling, singing and dancing in my room and then suddenly I felt like someone was in my room but there was nothing . I was tired so I slept around 10:00 pm.


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