Published October 23, 2012 by vampirefantasy

Merry-land High school’s founder’s Birthday.
We were celebrating our High school’s founder, Mr. Peterson’s Birthday. We all dressed up nicely.I was wearing a beautiful black middie dress and I left my long hairs opened. We all were partying but I wasn’t enjoying it too much. We all gathered in our school ground. Ryan came in the ground.
“OMG ! The hottie is here” Elle exclaimed.
Today I realized that Ryan wasn’t even noticing me. He didn’t make any effort to talk to me.
” Alina, can you please bring my register from the classroom ?”Mr. Braun asked.
” Of course, Mr. Braun” I smiled and went into the school building. Since , all the students were outside, I was totally alone.As I was walking, I felt as if someone was following me. I turned, and there was nothing. Suddenly, Ryan came inside and asked ” Hey ! What are you doing here ?” He asked suspiciously as if he had realized that I was feeling something strange. As I was about to answer,  I accidentally cut my arm from the corner of the iron-desk which was kept near me. My arm started bleeding. Ryan was showing very awkward expressions on his face. He looked at me as if he was gonna eat me. He shouted ” Run ! Alina”
“Whats going on Ryan ? are you fine ?” I asked.
One drop of my blood fell on the ground. He bent. He done something, which I had never imagined in my life. He tasted it. He looked at me. His blue eyes turned into evil red.He was showing his sharp fangs. He was trying to avoid seeing my arm. I got unconscious. He screamed ” Run, please run !”
I ran. But as I was about to turn, He was standing in front of me. I changed my route whereas he was trying hard enough to control his craving for blood. As I was running, I came across two more vampires who were looking more desperate to drink my blood. As I was standing far from them I immediately changed my way and hide myself in a classroom. Suddenly, Ryan appeared. I was about to shout, But he kept his long and smooth hands over my mouth in order to prevent me from shouting.
“Hey ! Everything is fine now.”He told me and removed his hand.
“Are you fine ? and what about those two guys ?” I asked while sobbing.
“I’ m Sorry Alina” H e apologized and left the room extremely fast. He ran so fast that I was barely able to see him.
I didn’t tell anybody about this incident, but I was pretty sure that he was a vampire. I have always been obsessed by vampires but having one in my life seemed a big deal.
I was knowing that I have to keep it as a secret.


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