Published October 25, 2012 by vampirefantasy

“Hey ! do you know we are having a dance night in the school today ? So are you coming ?” I asked Ryan when he was reading a book in the library.
“Are you coming ?” Ryan asked.
“Yeah ! I am” I smiled.
“I am also coming.So I am gonna pick you up”Ryan said to me.
“Alright ! see you at 8’o clock in the evening ” I told him and went back to my class.
At around 7’o clock, I went out for buying bread, as I was returning, I saw a man in the forest. I couldn’t see his face clearly but it seemed that he was drinking the blood of a woman.I ran towards my home and closed the door hastily. I was breathing so fast. I questioned myself if I was doing right by trusting Ryan. But I thought that he is not like other blood-drinking vampires, than I began dressing up for the party and tried to divert my mind.
My door bell rang at 8’o clock
“You are looking gorgeous ” Ryan gave me the compliment while standing outside the  home.
“Thank you ” I smiled sweetly.
He opened the door of his car like a gentleman so that I can sit in car. He followed the rule of ‘ladies first’ very well.
“Lamborghini is my favorite car” I saw the interior of the car.
“Thank you ” he smiled.
“Today I saw something unusual. I saw a man or may be a vampire drinking the blood of a woman in the forest near my house.”I told him with a little fear in my voice.
“So,did you see him ?” He asked suspiciously.
“No” I answered.
“Do you drink human blood ” I asked. I thought his answer would be no.
“Actually, I drink human blood. Animal blood is not sufficient for us. We will get weak and our capacity of enduring the sun will also decrease if we don’t intake human blood. So we required it on a regular basis.We can obtain blood bags from blood banks or we can even prefer to obtain it from the source itself “He explained.
“Source means we, the humans. So, I can also be a source for a vampire. Huh ! Its more scarier than I thought ” I passed a fake smile.
“Alina, you are never gonna be ‘ the source ‘ for me. Moreover, I prefer blood bags” He clarified.
We reached at the party.
“Wow Alina, you are looking awesome, Babe ” Harper gave me the compliment. I smiled.
“Look, who is with Alina….Ryan, good to see you here, can I have a dance with you, If Alina doesn’t mind ” Farah was feeling jealous .
“Hey ! You don’t need my permission, ask Ryan if he wanna go .”I said to Farah
“Oh please Ryan. I just want a dance ” Farah requested
“Alright ” Ryan smiled and went to the dance floor to dance with her.
“What is going on between you and Ryan ?”Elle asked excitedly .
“Nothing. We are just good friends ” I told her.
“Oh really ! Don’t you dare to hide anything from us ” Harper warned me.
Joe and Nike came and took Elle and Harper to dance with them. When Ryan saw that I was standing alone, he came to me.
“Why did you left Farah alone ?” I asked while drinking coke .
“She is gonna find someone else but I can’t leave you alone ” Ryan said to me while looking at me softly.
I had never received so much attention from any boy. He had surely made a very special place in my heart. I don’t know why, but whenever he was around me, I could feel the same thousand volts of current passing through my body which I felt when I saw him for the first time.
“So can I have a dance with you, Ms. Alina Emerson ?” He asked cutely.
“Of course Mr. Ryan Kingston” I gave my hand in his hand and walked towards the dance floor. We began dancing. We were dancing with a big grin over our face. When he was with me, I felt like I am the most luckiest girl.Whenever he was with me , He took me into some other world. A world full of love, affection and care.
I returned to my home with Elle because if Ryan would have dropped me, my father would have been really angry.


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