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I woke up and I realized that I was in Ryan’s house.Ryan, Alexander, Sara and James were standing around me.I sat in a well-mannered posture hastily.
“Why did you hit me?” I asked annoyingly to Sara as it was really painful.
“Oops ! I’m sorry but that was for your good ” She told me while smiling.
“Alina, you are not strong enough to endure all the negative energy that will affect you¬†during the ritual.You may die” Ryan told me patiently while sitting beside me on the bed.
“I know ! I don’t want to die at such a small age but I can’t let my dear ones to die around me due to my own selfish reasons” I tried to convince him.
“You can’t go !” He said firmly.
I made an innocent face so as to convince him but bingo! It didn’t work ūüė¶
Suddenly my mobile rang.I picked up my phone.
“Hello Dad” I said excitedly.
“When will you return back to Transylvania?” I asked in an extremely fast speed.
“Missing you a lot, my daughter.I would return within this week.You know about the legal case going on our ancestral property.It would take a few more days to settle down”
I was so happy to talk to my father after so many days that I forgot that we were discussing something very important.Everyone was waiting to resume the topic.
“Alright dad ! Talk to you later” I¬†said to¬†him politely.
“Fine, and are you studying or not?” He asked me just like every concerned parent.
“Yes dad ! I’m” I Lied to him.
STUDIES??? I really love to study but after the entry of all the vampire stuff in my life I hardly study.But I hate exams, and my dad’s ¬†question made me remember that our exams were coming. I can’t handle¬†so much pressure !!!
I cut my phone.
“So! Can we expect from you that you¬†won’t go for the ritual” Alexander asked.
I smiled and said “NO”
“I was knowing it” Sara exclaimed in an angry voice.
Next thing that happened to me was horrible.Everyone went away, locking me in the room. The room was beautiful with white paint over its walls and dark brown furniture which included a study table near the window, a bed with a white bedsheet and there was a beautiful flower-pot having my favourite red roses with white lilies.

I was hovering here and there in the room so as to find a way to get out of the room.Since it was on first floor,I couldn’t jump out of the window.
There was an almirah.I opened it and found a diary.¬†I know that It’s very bad to read someone’s diary but I guess It was my way of taking¬†revenge as they locked me.I opened it

‘YEAR 1926’

I read the name and got to know that It was Ryan’s diary.I was in Ryan’s room.The room was beautiful then expected.I thought that his room would be¬†dark with dim lights but to my surprise, it was bright and lively.

‘ It has been a long time since I became a monster.¬†I can read everyone’s mind and somehow its disgusting and creepy. I am peeping into everyone’s life’

I turned the page

‘I hate sunlight.It’s hurting me.Probably its a punishment for all my sins that¬†I commit as a vampire.My eyes have become sensitive.I am experiencing an unbearable skin irritation and of course I’m STARVING’

Since I was determined to read all of his diary I turned some pages and found something interesting.

‘ Today, My love,Sabina came to meet me.She had returned from Italy .I¬†was quiet horrified to tell her that I’m a monster now, but I told her.She understands me better than anyone else’

Sabina ??? I wondered who¬†she was¬†.But I didn’t react like a jealous bitch.I’m quiet good at accepting the past events of people.Everyone has a past.Even, I knew that he loves me so there was no point of getting angry.I was just a bit disappointed that I’m not his first love.

‘Sabina tastes delicious.I ¬†can’t forget the delightful pleasure I get each time when I pierce my sharp new fangs in her OH-SO-PERFECT skin’

Now I was a little jealous. But wait ! I was quiet surprised to read that he was feeding on her.How could he do this to her?He loved her.
I turned some pages and read something tragic.

I loved her but vampirism took away my soul. I killed My aunt Meredith and now I’m the only reason why Sabina died.How can I be so damn cruel !¬†I was just feeding on her everyday without¬†realizing that how painful would it be for Sabina !!!
Oh Sabina ! come back.I need you to be with me at such a crucial path of my life’

I wondered what would have happened to her? Did he kill her?
It was a face of Ryan that was impossible to imagine.Vampirism really took away his soul.But now, he has changed.Suddenly I heard the footsteps. I opened the Almirah and put the diary in the same position as it was.
Ryan entered in the room.
“Ain’t you getting bore here?” He asked me.
“Actually No, its fun to be in your room” I told him mischievously.
“Who is Sabina?” I asked him .I just can’t keep myself from knowing any secret.
“Did you read my diary?” He asked awkwardly.
“Yes! I did ” I told him hesitantly and smiled in a silly way.
He got a little sad.May be¬†I shouldn’t have brought her in our discussion.
He began”She was my love.She was very pretty” He paused as if he was trying to imagine her face.
He continued “She had migrated from italy to Transylvania.Initially, I never talked to her due to my shy nature but one day, I told her that I love her.She also accepted the fact that she admires me.She went to Italy with her parents as there were lots of riots going on here.It was the time-period in which I turned into a vampire.As she returned back, I told her that I’m a vampire. I got so indulged in the blood-drinking activity that I compelled her to let me taste her” I could see the guilt on his face.
“I promised her that I would make her a vampire and we would live together, forever.She got fascinated by my idea.But I stopped feeling anything.She got annoyed because I used to drop the plan of our marriage every time, when she talked about it.Finally, I told her that I don’t love her anymore”
I could judge from the expression of his face that he could still feel the pain of loosing her.
“It was the last time we ever talked.She committed suicide.She burnt herself alive.” There was a stillness in the atmosphere.
He came closer to me and hold my face with his hands.
“I don’t want to lose¬†you.I can’t defeat Darrel but at least I can protect you” He said to me.
He kissed my forhead.I smiled.
I decided¬†that I won’t¬†help Darrel in unleashing his powers because I realized that may be I don’t respect my life, but there are many people who need me like my father, Elle and of course Ryan.But how could I ignore a big fact that my decision could be fatal for life of the people I love.



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I reached school.Elle was standing in the corridor.She was waiting for me.
“So how are you feeling now ?”I asked worriedly.
“I’m feeling fine now but I think I’m gonna miss being human” She said while getting sad.
“Hey.Life is still fun.Believe me.Now you’ve super speed,super strength and you can compel anyone ” I told her while smiling so as to inspire her to live happily.
We both saw Joe standing with his new girlfriend Alex.
Alex was a brat.She was the most popular girl of school.She always tried to outshone Elle.
She was talking to Joe while seeing if Elle was noticing her or not
“Do you said that I can compel anyone? ” Elle asked mysteriously.
“Yeah ! But what are you planning to do?” I asked hesitantly as I was knowing her motive.
She began to walk towards Joe.She passed a smile to Joe and Alex.
“Hie Alex” Elle¬†wished with full attitude.
“Hey Elle” She reciprocated with attitude.
“I hope that you won’t mind giving a tight slap to Joe” Elle said while looking in her eyes, in order to compel her.
“Slap him” Elle ordered her. Joe was totally confused.Before he could understand anything,Alex slapped him tightly.Every student standing in the corridor began to look at them.
Elle giggled and came back to me.Joe left the corridor angrily.
“Now I know that Being vampire is super-awesome” She said while smiling and giving me a high-five. I laughed.
“Hie Alina and¬†Baby vamp” Alexander came and wished us.
“Though you must be knowing me, but lets meet officially.I’m Alexander” He said to Elle¬†and¬†she smiled.
We went to the classroom where Ryan, James and Sara were talking to each other.
“Guys! I’m quiet nervous ” I told everyone.
“Why” Elle asked as she wasn’t knowing anything.
“Today I’ve to unleash Darrel’s power.There is no way out of it” I told her.She was surprised and upset.
“I just can’t see anyone dying anymore” I said and sighed.
“Ryan, why my father was at¬†the verge of death though he was wearing the ring?” I asked surprisingly.
“Though he was wearing the ring enchanted by witches, but it can protect the person from any supernatural death only, as much as I know, Darrel compelled him to kill himself.So according to me, It took the shape of a suicide and not any supernatural death” Ryan told me.
Everyone agreed.
“I’m still confused that how did he come to know about Ronald? ” I asked confusingly.
“Because Xaro was spying on you all” A voice came from backside.We all saw that Darrel was standing at the threshold of the room.He was looking casual in¬†white t-shirt and light blue jeans.Though, whenever I met him,He wore casual clothes of extremely dark colours.
“He was a good spy but He shouldn’t have told you anything.I killed him as well as Ronald and thus, finishing your any way to kill me” He told us while smiling and looking at each one of us.
He went away.I was extremely annoyed.Everybody looked extremely angry.
Afterward, we didn’t discuss about ritual.
Harper,Elle and me went to the school ground.
Elle screamed.
“What happen ?” I asked anxiously.
“Are you alright?” Harper asked confusingly.
“I can’t bear the sunlight anymore.Please do something” Elle begged.
Harper was still confused.
“Harper, lets take her to the washroom” I suggested and took her to the washroom.
Elle was feeling severe migraine and skin irritation.
“I’m starving, Alina.I need it now” Elle told me while screaming in pain.
“Where’s your blood bag?” I asked hastily.
“In my bag” She told me.
Harper was very confused.
As I rushed outside, I saw Sara.
“Sara !¬†Elle and Harper are in the washroom.Elle is experiencing migraine and skin irritation.Please help her out” I requested her.She agreed and went to the washroom.Meanwhile, I went to take the blood bag.
As Sara reached in the washroom, she saw that Elle attacked Harper.
She was brutally draining her.
“Leave her” Sara shouted and pushed her far away from Harper.
I also reached to the washroom.
Elle put her hands on her eyes and shouted as her eyes had become sensitive to sun.
She ran towards me, snatched away the blood bag, drank the blood from it wildly.Blood was all over her face.
Harper was very afraid and sobbing a little bit.
We took Elle and Harper to a covered room.Elle felt quiet relaxed.
Sara was first-aiding Harper.
“You need to forget it all.You just remember that you fell from the staircase.Now, go away” Sara compelled Harper.
Harper nodded her head.She went away.
I consoled Elle by hugging her. She wasn’t able to come out of the shock that she attacked Harper.
“Everything is fine now.Try to be away from sunlight as long as possible”Sara warned Elle.
“James is going to drop you to your house today” Sara told Elle.
“No, there is no need” Elle refused.
“Well, there is a big need.Do you mind going with me?” James entered in the room and asked Elle gently.
“Don’t take me wrong” She smiled.She apparently got ready.
Sara and I left James and Elle alone for sometime.
Sara went away.As I was going to meet Ryan, Darrel popped up in front of me.
“I need you to come with me.I want to discuss something about ritual” He ordered me.He took me in his office.
“Today, the ritual has to happen.If you or your friends tried to stop me, you know the consequences” He warned me.I nodded my head with a little hesitation.
“Today is no-moon night.It is the day, when all the negative energies would be at the top.In order to unleash my powers, it is considered as the best night.If it doesn’t happen today, then I have to wait for the¬†next no-moon night.But unfortunately,I can’t wait anymore.For completing the ritual, we will need a few drops of your blood” He added.
“Is there any possibility that I’ll die” I asked with¬†fear in my voice.
“There is a fifty-fifty chance of survival and death.You may die¬†if you are not able to handle the negative energy around you¬†but dear,Life is incomplete without adventures” He smiled, clearly showing that he didn’t care even if I would die.
After knowing all this, I went away. I didn’t go to meet Ryan.I was sitting in my classroom silently.It was¬†really difficult to handle the fact that I might die during the ritual.
James took Elle in his car.
Sara and Alexander went together.
I went to my house with Ryan in his car.As I reached my house I wished him Good bye.
Before entering the house, I looked at him, he was standing outside his car.
“I might die today” I told him fearfully.
“I won’t let you die” He ensured.
Suddenly Sara and Alexander appeared.
Sara hit a strong metal like object on my head.The pain was unbearable.I fainted.


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Darrel didn’t come to school for about 2 days.
I was¬†walking with Elle on the terrace. We were celebrating ‘cleaning week’ in school so we both were cleaning the terrace.
“You have changed a bit” Elle told me while smiling.
“How?” I asked surprisingly.
“Earlier, you used to complain me that how boring and aimless your life is.You was never happy with your life.But now, you have stopped complaining” She told me.
“May be, it’s all due to Ryan” she teased me.
“No, I mean yes, Oh no..arggg..Alright Yes. It’s due to Ryan.My life has become rocking now, though there are¬†some complications ” I told her.
“Complications ? May be you was remembering me” I heard someone saying this, we both turned and saw Darrel.
“Elle, you should go” I said to Elle firmly.
“No,¬† Elle should be here to witness our sweet, little¬†conversation” Darrel said .
Elle was totally confused.
“I didn’t come to school because I went away to meet my witch but how dare you to run away from my house?” He asked angrily .
“Was you in his house?” Elle asked me confusingly.
I didn’t answer her question.
“It’s really dangerous to unleash your powers” I told him.
“Oh really! It is even more dangerous to not help me” He said to me in a challenging voice.
He ran towards Elle, grabbed her hand, pulled her and drank her blood.
I ran towards him so as to stop him but he pushed me.I fell on the floor.My hand started bleeding.He threw Elle on the floor and zoomed off.
I ran towards Elle and hold her in my arms.
“Oh my god ! Elle !” I cried and shook her so as to make her regain consiousness.James reached on the terrace.He may be had come to join us.
“Hey ! what happened Alina?” James¬†asked me worriedly when he saw me crying.
“Darrel killed her” I told him while crying.
“Please ! do something. Save her.I beg you” I requested him.
He checked her nerves.
“She is still alive but I don’t think so that she would be able to make¬†it to the hospital” He told me worriedly.
He bit his wrist and made her drink the blood coming out of his wrist.She was able to drink some blood but eventually she died.
“Oh no ! Elle¬† ! Oh god, please help” I was praying and crying continuously.
“Since she has died after¬†having some of the vampire blood in her system, she would become a vampire”¬† He told me worriedly.
“What ! Curse Darrel. Elle never wanted all this in her life.It’s all my mistake” I said to him while sobbing .
James called Ryan and they took her to their house.I came to know that Ryan, Alexander, James and Sara were living in the same house.It was a beautiful mansion of around 5 rooms.
We waited for around 6 hours.I was continuously praying to god to save her.
She suddenly opened her eyes but they were red. She instantly sat.
“What is happening to me ?” She asked to all of us with fear.
“Hey, everything is alright.Believe me” I told her while holding her hand.
She began to bring my wrist closer to her mouth.Ryan came and pulled me away from her.
“How are you feeling Elle?” Ryan asked her.
“I’m feeling as if I’m starving.I want something.I’m feeling as if my throat is craving for something.I can’t control myself” She told us fearfully.
She screamed
“I’m feeling pain in my teeths.Why?” She asked confusingly.
“You are developing fangs”¬†James told her
“You are a vampire now” I told her sadly.
“What ! It’s impossible. Vampires are fictious.Wait ! Are you all vampires ?” She asked surprisingly.
“Yes, they all are vampires Elle ” I told her.
“Oh no… I don’t want this life. I’m craving for blood¬†! ” She said while sobbing.
“I’ll help you in your transition ” James told Elle with a confidence in his eyes.
“No ! I can’t live like this ” She said angrily.I was feeling very bad for her.
Her eyes were still red.It depicts that a vampire is starving.
Ryan and me started leaving the room so as to give some time to James and Elle. When I was leaving, she grabbed me from the back and bit me.
“Leave Her” Ryan shouted and pushed her.
She wasn’t able to drink a lot of blood.Some bood was there around her mouth.
“I’m sorry Alina” She¬†apologised.
I wasn’t able to say a word.I just left the room with Ryan.
Meanwhile James began to teach her about vampirism.
“Since you are a new-born, you will have to prevent yourself from going in the sun” James told Elle.
“You can go outside for around¬†2 to 4 hours only, depending on the quantity of blood you are¬†drinking¬†” He told her.
“What about my school ?” She asked worriedly .
“You have to spend most of your time remaining inside” James told her.
She started sobbing.He held her hands.
“You can do this Elle.You are strong enough” He consoled her.
“You just have to tell yourself each and every moment that you can control yourself.I do this.I’m able to control myself”He told her while smiling.
“If you are drinking¬†blood from animals or blood bag, you can be able to sustain¬†sunlight for about 2 hours, whereas drinking blood directly from human beings would be more nutritious and you will be able to survive for around 4 hours” He told her.
“I can’t kill anyone ” She said.
“But you will want to” He told her fearfully while looking in her eyes.
“Slowly and steadily, your duration for bearing the sun will increase depending on the type of blood you are drinking” He told her.
James left her with a blood bag and I sat with Elle.
“How Are you feeling?” I asked her anxiously.
“A little better due to the blood bag but the craving is still there.It’s hurting me even more and more and encouraging me to drink from you” She told while being afraid of what she has become.
I realised that how difficult would it be for Ryan to control his cravings so as to prevent himself from hurting me.


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When I reached school, I saw Elle crying.
“Hey ! what is going on here?” I asked her.
“Joe broke up with her” Harper told me sadly.
“WHAT ! He is so bad. Huh ! He is never gonna get a girl like you.But why did he broke up?” I asked sadly.
“He said that he got bored with me” Elle told me while crying.
I hugged her.
“I’m sure,You will get a better person”I consoled her
“He is just a mad human being who should be in an¬†asylum” I said to Harper and Elle angrily.
Farah came to us.
“You are looking weak ” Harper said while looking at Farah.
“Are you fine?” I asked worriedly.
“Yes I’m but I can’t remember what is happening to me now-a-days” Farah told me confusingly.
I could figure out the problem.I went to the office room of Darrel.
“Are you feeding on Farah?” I asked him angrily.
“I’m a vampire.It’s my basic nature to feed on humans” He told me with an evil¬†smile
“Where is Mr. Clark?”I asked suspiciously.
“I have kept him in a very secure place and for your kind information, dear.He is my personal blood bag.He tastes fine but I would like to taste you because you look incredibly delicious” He said to me while coming closer to me.
“Don’t you dare to feed on my family or friends” I warned him.
He smirked.
“Just wanna inform you that the ritual will take place this Saturday, get ready¬†“He told me.
I went away angrily.
I reached to Ryan who was talking to Sara,Alexander and James.
“We need to do something.Today is Monday and Darrel has told me that the ritual will take place on saturday”I informed them.
“We have to unleash his powers”James said to us.
“No, we are gonna kill him at any cost” Ryan said angrily.
“Ronald can help us”Sara exclaimed.
Sara called Ronald.We waited for around 10 minutes and he finally reached.
“Is there any way to kill Darrel?”¬†Ryan asked¬†Ronald excitedly.
“Yes, there is.One has to stake him through the heart and I will cast a spell which will make him neutralised or I can say, it will left him unconscious but once the stake is removed, he will come back to life because the spell would be bound ¬†through the stake”¬†Ronald told us.
“So, why is this method not used yet?” I asked confusingly.
“Because no one dares to touch Lord Darrel”¬†James said in a mysterious voice.
“Actually I came to now about this by Xaro.He is a part of the members of palace but he is not a person you can believe.He told me that Lord Darrel has performed the same method to neutralise his own parents and hide them somewhere” Ronald further opened up the secret.
I was quiet relaxed that there is a way to kill him.
I went to my home alone as I had to buy certain food items for my house  from the market.
As I was passing by the forest, some one pulled me inside the forest.It was Darrel.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked him angrily.
Then I saw something unusual, which scared me.I saw the dead body of Ronald with a mark on his neck which resembled the vampire bite.
“You killed him” I¬†said angrily and surprisingly.
“Yes.I did” He said to me and grabbed my arm.
“You and your useless friends are not strong enough to kill me.Those young vampires think that they can beat a 12oo years old vampire but unfortunately they are wrong” He told me while smiling.His smile always annoyed me.
I tried hard enough to release my arm from his grip but I failed.
“I thought that you are not stupid enough to ignore my warnings but Alas ! I was wrong.I think your father¬†must have died ” He added.
I was so angry that I released my arm with a great force and looked him with a fire in my eyes.
He picked me up and forcefully made me sit in his car.It was an Aston Martin one-77. It seems that all vampires are crazy for cars.
“Where are you taking me?” I asked with a little fear but more anger.
He hit something on my head and I fainted.
I woke up in a beautiful room.Its walls were painted white.There was a beautiful painting hanging on the wall.It was depicting two angels in a forest.I was lying on a very soft bed.THEN, I saw Darrel.He had kidnapped me.
“Oh Lovely ! You wake up” Darrel exclaimed with a smile.
“I couldn’t take anymore chance so I kidnapped you”He said smiling.
My heart was beating faster because I was quiet afraid.
“You can’t do this” I said to him.He smirked and went out of the room.Despite my numerous protests, he locked the room.
I checked my pocket and there was no mobile.I forgot it at my house.I tapped my foot on the floor with rage.
At night, he returned back.
“So are you enjoying?” He asked me.
“Or I can do a favour and make you enjoy” He said to me¬†in a flirty way.
“Please leave me” I begged him.
“Only after the ritual, Dear” He told me.
“So, do you love Ryan?” He asked.
I didn’t answer.He smiled.
“I considered him very loyal before he left the palace.May be, he was jealous of my position.I never considered anyone as trustworthy as him” He told me.
“But may be, I should have killed him on the day he left the palace” He added.
I looked at him with lots of fear.He looked at me so as to note my reactions.
“But I can kill him now, If you don’t do the things as I say” He said to me in a very calm attitude.He went away.I was sobbing.
At night, when I was sleeping something hit on the window.As I Looked through the window, I saw Ryan.
“Jump” He said without making any noise.I read his lips.I jumped and he catched me.We ran away.


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My school was off, Ryan returned back.I went with him to a beautiful grassy area covered with trees and surrounded by bays.I was looking very upset.
“Hey ! Don’t be sad.We can figure out the solution of the problem”He tried to console me.
“I am feeling very bad because he has threatened me to kill my father” I told him while shedding a tear but wiping it off as soon as possible so as to make sure, Ryan didn’t see me crying.
“He told me that someone is spying on me”I told him sadly.
He got suspicious.
“If we would unleash his power, then he would be able to¬†compel the vampires, hypnotize them and use them as per his convenience which is a big danger to human world also”He told me.
“Can’t we kill him?”I asked.
“Actually, we can’t.Being an old vampire of 12oo years, he has gained capacity of enduring the wooden stake” He told me while being upset.
“There must be any way to kill him” I said to him.
“I could only find this much information in Virginia, it’s the place where he was living for last 500 years.But I got to know that he¬†is the resident of Transylvania.He is not going to leave it soon” He told me.
I couldn’t handle anymore discussion, I was very upset.
Ryan hugged me.It was the best feeling in the world, to be in the arms of Ryan.I was feeling like I am in Heaven.For a second, I forgot all the problems and wished that I could pause the moment as it was.But I jumped into reality as soon as I left him.He dropped me to my home.
“Hello¬†Dad !doing household chores?” I asked my father.
“Yes !I thought that it is better to stay in the house today and clean it up a little” He said to me while smiling.
“I’m going¬†for freshening up¬†then I’ll come and help you”I informed him and went to my room.
I got shocked to see Darrel sitting in my room and operating my Laptop.
“Who gave you the permission to enter in my house ?” I asked him angrily.
“I compelled your father and he allowed me in.It’s such a sweet of him”He told me. I was super-annoyed.
I took out my mobile to call Ryan but he ran towards me and threw it on the ground,almost crushing it.
“Stay the hell out of my house “I ordered him.
“Alina ! come downstairs.I’ve prepared the lunch for you”My father called me.
“Lets go .I’m feeling very hungry”He grabbed my arm and took me with him.He forcefully made me sit.My father didn’t react at all.Huh ! because he was being compelled.
Darrel was eating the food like a royal prince.
“Stop annoying me.I can’t unleash your power.It will become a big problem, not only for vampires but for humans too”I told him.
He looked at me and smiled.
My father was working in the kitchen.He took out the knife and stabbed himself in stomach.
I ran towards him and held him.
“Your father can’t die a supernatural death due to your ring but Of course I can compel him to kill himself”He told me and left the house.
I began to cry.I took¬†my father’s mobile and called Ryan.When Ryan arrived, I brought my dad outside the house.Ryan helped me to take him to the hospital.
“I hate him very much” I cried and Ryan tried to console me in every best manner that was possible.I got a little relaxed when doctor told me that he is out of danger.But the clouds of danger were still hovering around me and everyone I love.


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I reached school.Fortunately, I didn’t see Darrel anywhere.I was sitting in the classroom when suddenly Farah came to me.
“Mr. Braun is calling you.He have some work for you”Farah informed me.
I went outside the class.There was no one in the corridor as everyone was sitting in the class and studying.
As I was walking, Darrel appeared from nowhere and blocked my way.I realized in a blink that he must have compelled her to call me.
“I want to talk to you” Darrel told me while coming closer to me.I¬†took a step back.
“Leave her alone, Lord” Alexander came and ordered him firmly.
Darrel ran in a super-fast speed, and held the throat of Alexander.He was making his grip stronger with each passing second.I thought that He was going to rip his head off just by making his clutch, more and more powerful.
“Leave him, I will talk to you.But please ! Leave him” I¬†cried out,
I can’t bear to see anyone getting hurt.
He left him and began to look at me.
“Please go Alexander” I requested Alexander¬†firmly.
“I have promised to Ryan¬†that I’ll¬†look after you” Alexander protested.
“Please go ! I’m safe” I showed him the ring.
“Can’t you listen what she said, LEAVE” Darrel ordered him in a very strong voice.
Alexander left.
“What do you want from me?” I asked Darrel.
“First of all,¬†listen the rule while talking to me….you can’t lie”He told me¬†while smiling.
I nodded my head.
“So tell me dear,¬†were your ancestors witch?” He asked me.
“I don’t know” I told him.
He held my neck so strong that I was barely able to breathe.
“Answer me correctly dear ” He warned me and left my neck.
“Yes, my mother and her ancestors were witch” I told him anxiously.I was shivering.
“Well Well !I ‘m not able to read your mind.Do you have any other power ?” He asked.
I didn’t answer.
“Ok ! Lets check. Dance for me” He said this while looking in my eyes.
I thought that he was probably insane.I didn’t react.
“Great ! So no vampire can hypnotize you.Fascinating ” He said to me.
“Do you have any other power?” He asked me even more excitedly.
“I have not shown any sign of a witch yet”I told him.
“Yes and you won’t “He told me.I looked at him with a very confuse expression on my face.
“Actually I will call you a witan, a combination of witch and himan.Well that’s a name given by me to the species like you who are normal humans but with one or two special abilities” He told me.
“What the hell do you want from me?” I asked him annoyingly.
“Unfortunately, you are very useful for me, my little precious witan.I want you to unleash some of my powers which were bound by another witan who probably died due to using so much power” He told me.
“Neither I have any kind of power nor I know any spell” I told him.
“Why don’t you take the help of a witch, warlock or something like them?” I asked him irritably.
“Because a witan can only break the spell¬†of another witan”He told me.
He again came closer to me.I was already shivering and then, my heartbeats also began to run extremely fast.
“She was the only witan I knew and I couldn’t find any other witan so I thought that bloodline of witan must have finished due to her death but BRAVO ! We got another witan belonging to witch bloodline” He smirked.
“You just have to read the spell given by me and TA DA ! my powers would be unleashed ” He added.
“What kind of powers would be released ?” I asked suspiciously.
“That’s none of your business, sweety ” He said to me which annoyed me even more.
“What if I will not help you?” I asked him with lots of fortitude.
“Then I will kill everyone you love, especially your FATHER.My spy¬†has been eyeing on you and I know that you really love your father¬†” He threatened me while smiling as if it was too easy for him to kill anyone.
He left me.I was totally horrified.Later Alexander and James came to me.I told them everything.They got worried.
I returned to my home.
“papa ! I want you to take this ring”I said to my father while giving him my ring.
“No ! your mother gave it to you”He refused to take it.
“Please, wear this,For me.I beg you” I requested him.
“I don’t want to wear this.It’s creepy.I don’t want to throw it in trash so It would be better if you wear this”I shouted and threw the ring on the ground.I was really upset for doing so but it was the best way to force him to wear the ring.I ran upstairs and went into my room.
He kept on knocking the door till midnight.I opened the door and hugged my father.
“I want to protect you with any kind of supernatural power that is persisting around us”I told him.
“But what about you?”He asked worriedly.
“I’m safe Dad.I’m a witch and It can’t work on witches”I lied to him.
“What !”He exclaimed surprisingly.
“Now would you please wear it because I’m safe but not you.Just wear it NOW” I ordered him.
He wore it and I hugged him.
“I never wanted a supernatural life for you”My father said to me.
“I know father”I was feeling very guilty for lying to him
I went to sleep or I would say I laid on my bed and began thinking about the ‘WITAN’ stuff.
On that day,Alexander, James and me were not able to communicate with Ryan because he was either getting unreachable or his mobile was switched off.


Published November 12, 2012 by vampirefantasy

I reached school.I was really sad as today I had to spend my day without Ryan.
“You know ! We are having a new school incharge” Elle informed me.
“What happened to Mr. Clark?”I asked to Elle and Harper surprisingly.
“We don’t know.I have¬†come to know that the new¬†incharge is super-hot and super-sexy” Harper told excitedly
“Gosh ! I’m so damn excited” Elle exclaimed.
We sat in class.I was sitting with Harper as Elle was busy with Joe.
“Students, please welcome your new incharge” Mr. Braun announced.
The new¬†incharge entered the class.I got goosebumps because I was so surprised to see our new incharge.I couldn’t believe on my eyes.My mind stopped working for a second.Then slowly, I regain consciousness.
“Hello students ! I’m your new incharge” Darrel said while smiling mischievously
He looked at me mysteriously and gladly.
“Mr. Braun, would you mind leaving me and the class alone for sometime?” Darrel asked Mr. Braun with gentleness.
“Oh ! sure”Mr. Braun went away.
“Hey !Feel free to discuss anything with me.Your linkups, your breakups” He smiled with a super hot attitude.
“So, I would like you all to introduce yourself to me” Darrel said
One by One each student began to introduce himself.Now It was my turn.
“My name is Alina Emerson” I said with an expression of confusion.
“Pardon please” He requested me even when I had said my name in a loud voice which could be heard by each and everyone sitting in the room.
“Alina Emerson” I said it out aloud.
After completing the introduction session,
“I am very glad to meet you all” He looked at me again.
I began looking here and there.He went outside the class.
“OH MY GOD ! pinch me Alina.I couldn’t believe I have seen such a handsome boy” Harper said excitedly.
“Please! Help me in making him my boyfriend” Harper said to me.
” He is a teacher” I said to her while totally confused because I wasn’t knowing, what he was doing in my school.
After Dispersal.
“What is he doing here?” I asked Alexander.
“I don’t know Alina.But I have to inform Ryan to find out his motives as soon as possible” Alexander told me.
“You should stay alert right now” Alexander warned me.
I nodded my head and went to my house.
At night, I felt as if someone was standing outside my house.As I looked through my window, there was no body.
I slept around 2:00 am.I was thinking about Ryan and motives of Darrel.