Published November 13, 2012 by vampirefantasy

I reached school.Fortunately, I didn’t see Darrel anywhere.I was sitting in the classroom when suddenly Farah came to me.
“Mr. Braun is calling you.He have some work for you”Farah informed me.
I went outside the class.There was no one in the corridor as everyone was sitting in the class and studying.
As I was walking, Darrel appeared from nowhere and blocked my way.I realized in a blink that he must have compelled her to call me.
“I want to talk to you” Darrel told me while coming closer to me.I took a step back.
“Leave her alone, Lord” Alexander came and ordered him firmly.
Darrel ran in a super-fast speed, and held the throat of Alexander.He was making his grip stronger with each passing second.I thought that He was going to rip his head off just by making his clutch, more and more powerful.
“Leave him, I will talk to you.But please ! Leave him” I cried out,
I can’t bear to see anyone getting hurt.
He left him and began to look at me.
“Please go Alexander” I requested Alexander firmly.
“I have promised to Ryan that I’ll look after you” Alexander protested.
“Please go ! I’m safe” I showed him the ring.
“Can’t you listen what she said, LEAVE” Darrel ordered him in a very strong voice.
Alexander left.
“What do you want from me?” I asked Darrel.
“First of all, listen the rule while talking to me….you can’t lie”He told me while smiling.
I nodded my head.
“So tell me dear, were your ancestors witch?” He asked me.
“I don’t know” I told him.
He held my neck so strong that I was barely able to breathe.
“Answer me correctly dear ” He warned me and left my neck.
“Yes, my mother and her ancestors were witch” I told him anxiously.I was shivering.
“Well Well !I ‘m not able to read your mind.Do you have any other power ?” He asked.
I didn’t answer.
“Ok ! Lets check. Dance for me” He said this while looking in my eyes.
I thought that he was probably insane.I didn’t react.
“Great ! So no vampire can hypnotize you.Fascinating ” He said to me.
“Do you have any other power?” He asked me even more excitedly.
“I have not shown any sign of a witch yet”I told him.
“Yes and you won’t “He told me.I looked at him with a very confuse expression on my face.
“Actually I will call you a witan, a combination of witch and himan.Well that’s a name given by me to the species like you who are normal humans but with one or two special abilities” He told me.
“What the hell do you want from me?” I asked him annoyingly.
“Unfortunately, you are very useful for me, my little precious witan.I want you to unleash some of my powers which were bound by another witan who probably died due to using so much power” He told me.
“Neither I have any kind of power nor I know any spell” I told him.
“Why don’t you take the help of a witch, warlock or something like them?” I asked him irritably.
“Because a witan can only break the spell of another witan”He told me.
He again came closer to me.I was already shivering and then, my heartbeats also began to run extremely fast.
“She was the only witan I knew and I couldn’t find any other witan so I thought that bloodline of witan must have finished due to her death but BRAVO ! We got another witan belonging to witch bloodline” He smirked.
“You just have to read the spell given by me and TA DA ! my powers would be unleashed ” He added.
“What kind of powers would be released ?” I asked suspiciously.
“That’s none of your business, sweety ” He said to me which annoyed me even more.
“What if I will not help you?” I asked him with lots of fortitude.
“Then I will kill everyone you love, especially your FATHER.My spy has been eyeing on you and I know that you really love your father ” He threatened me while smiling as if it was too easy for him to kill anyone.
He left me.I was totally horrified.Later Alexander and James came to me.I told them everything.They got worried.
I returned to my home.
“papa ! I want you to take this ring”I said to my father while giving him my ring.
“No ! your mother gave it to you”He refused to take it.
“Please, wear this,For me.I beg you” I requested him.
“I don’t want to wear this.It’s creepy.I don’t want to throw it in trash so It would be better if you wear this”I shouted and threw the ring on the ground.I was really upset for doing so but it was the best way to force him to wear the ring.I ran upstairs and went into my room.
He kept on knocking the door till midnight.I opened the door and hugged my father.
“I want to protect you with any kind of supernatural power that is persisting around us”I told him.
“But what about you?”He asked worriedly.
“I’m safe Dad.I’m a witch and It can’t work on witches”I lied to him.
“What !”He exclaimed surprisingly.
“Now would you please wear it because I’m safe but not you.Just wear it NOW” I ordered him.
He wore it and I hugged him.
“I never wanted a supernatural life for you”My father said to me.
“I know father”I was feeling very guilty for lying to him
I went to sleep or I would say I laid on my bed and began thinking about the ‘WITAN’ stuff.
On that day,Alexander, James and me were not able to communicate with Ryan because he was either getting unreachable or his mobile was switched off.


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