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When I reached school, I saw Elle crying.
“Hey ! what is going on here?” I asked her.
“Joe broke up with her” Harper told me sadly.
“WHAT ! He is so bad. Huh ! He is never gonna get a girl like you.But why did he broke up?” I asked sadly.
“He said that he got bored with me” Elle told me while crying.
I hugged her.
“I’m sure,You will get a better person”I consoled her
“He is just a mad human being who should be in an asylum” I said to Harper and Elle angrily.
Farah came to us.
“You are looking weak ” Harper said while looking at Farah.
“Are you fine?” I asked worriedly.
“Yes I’m but I can’t remember what is happening to me now-a-days” Farah told me confusingly.
I could figure out the problem.I went to the office room of Darrel.
“Are you feeding on Farah?” I asked him angrily.
“I’m a vampire.It’s my basic nature to feed on humans” He told me with an evil smile
“Where is Mr. Clark?”I asked suspiciously.
“I have kept him in a very secure place and for your kind information, dear.He is my personal blood bag.He tastes fine but I would like to taste you because you look incredibly delicious” He said to me while coming closer to me.
“Don’t you dare to feed on my family or friends” I warned him.
He smirked.
“Just wanna inform you that the ritual will take place this Saturday, get ready “He told me.
I went away angrily.
I reached to Ryan who was talking to Sara,Alexander and James.
“We need to do something.Today is Monday and Darrel has told me that the ritual will take place on saturday”I informed them.
“We have to unleash his powers”James said to us.
“No, we are gonna kill him at any cost” Ryan said angrily.
“Ronald can help us”Sara exclaimed.
Sara called Ronald.We waited for around 10 minutes and he finally reached.
“Is there any way to kill Darrel?” Ryan asked Ronald excitedly.
“Yes, there is.One has to stake him through the heart and I will cast a spell which will make him neutralised or I can say, it will left him unconscious but once the stake is removed, he will come back to life because the spell would be bound  through the stake” Ronald told us.
“So, why is this method not used yet?” I asked confusingly.
“Because no one dares to touch Lord Darrel” James said in a mysterious voice.
“Actually I came to now about this by Xaro.He is a part of the members of palace but he is not a person you can believe.He told me that Lord Darrel has performed the same method to neutralise his own parents and hide them somewhere” Ronald further opened up the secret.
I was quiet relaxed that there is a way to kill him.
I went to my home alone as I had to buy certain food items for my house  from the market.
As I was passing by the forest, some one pulled me inside the forest.It was Darrel.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked him angrily.
Then I saw something unusual, which scared me.I saw the dead body of Ronald with a mark on his neck which resembled the vampire bite.
“You killed him” I said angrily and surprisingly.
“Yes.I did” He said to me and grabbed my arm.
“You and your useless friends are not strong enough to kill me.Those young vampires think that they can beat a 12oo years old vampire but unfortunately they are wrong” He told me while smiling.His smile always annoyed me.
I tried hard enough to release my arm from his grip but I failed.
“I thought that you are not stupid enough to ignore my warnings but Alas ! I was wrong.I think your father must have died ” He added.
I was so angry that I released my arm with a great force and looked him with a fire in my eyes.
He picked me up and forcefully made me sit in his car.It was an Aston Martin one-77. It seems that all vampires are crazy for cars.
“Where are you taking me?” I asked with a little fear but more anger.
He hit something on my head and I fainted.
I woke up in a beautiful room.Its walls were painted white.There was a beautiful painting hanging on the wall.It was depicting two angels in a forest.I was lying on a very soft bed.THEN, I saw Darrel.He had kidnapped me.
“Oh Lovely ! You wake up” Darrel exclaimed with a smile.
“I couldn’t take anymore chance so I kidnapped you”He said smiling.
My heart was beating faster because I was quiet afraid.
“You can’t do this” I said to him.He smirked and went out of the room.Despite my numerous protests, he locked the room.
I checked my pocket and there was no mobile.I forgot it at my house.I tapped my foot on the floor with rage.
At night, he returned back.
“So are you enjoying?” He asked me.
“Or I can do a favour and make you enjoy” He said to me in a flirty way.
“Please leave me” I begged him.
“Only after the ritual, Dear” He told me.
“So, do you love Ryan?” He asked.
I didn’t answer.He smiled.
“I considered him very loyal before he left the palace.May be, he was jealous of my position.I never considered anyone as trustworthy as him” He told me.
“But may be, I should have killed him on the day he left the palace” He added.
I looked at him with lots of fear.He looked at me so as to note my reactions.
“But I can kill him now, If you don’t do the things as I say” He said to me in a very calm attitude.He went away.I was sobbing.
At night, when I was sleeping something hit on the window.As I Looked through the window, I saw Ryan.
“Jump” He said without making any noise.I read his lips.I jumped and he catched me.We ran away.


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  • Great blog! Do you have any helpful hints for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely confused .. Any ideas? Many thanks!

    • I’ve searched about various blogs and I concluded that WordPress is one of the best blogs ! It’s upto you that whether you want to go for a paid option or not.It would be good because you would have your own domain.
      According to me, If you want to start a blog, write on the topic which attracts you the most.You won’t ever get bore. 🙂
      keep reading #vampirefantasy

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    • I’m also a teenager.According to me, reading has become one of the most popular activities.The educational activities must be interesting. Fictious books can teach a lot of things. I hope that you may find my blog useful 🙂
      Keep reading

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