Published November 29, 2012 by vampirefantasy

I woke up and I realized that I was in Ryan’s house.Ryan, Alexander, Sara and James were standing around me.I sat in a well-mannered posture hastily.
“Why did you hit me?” I asked annoyingly to Sara as it was really painful.
“Oops ! I’m sorry but that was for your good ” She told me while smiling.
“Alina, you are not strong enough to endure all the negative energy that will affect you during the ritual.You may die” Ryan told me patiently while sitting beside me on the bed.
“I know ! I don’t want to die at such a small age but I can’t let my dear ones to die around me due to my own selfish reasons” I tried to convince him.
“You can’t go !” He said firmly.
I made an innocent face so as to convince him but bingo! It didn’t work 😦
Suddenly my mobile rang.I picked up my phone.
“Hello Dad” I said excitedly.
“When will you return back to Transylvania?” I asked in an extremely fast speed.
“Missing you a lot, my daughter.I would return within this week.You know about the legal case going on our ancestral property.It would take a few more days to settle down”
I was so happy to talk to my father after so many days that I forgot that we were discussing something very important.Everyone was waiting to resume the topic.
“Alright dad ! Talk to you later” I said to him politely.
“Fine, and are you studying or not?” He asked me just like every concerned parent.
“Yes dad ! I’m” I Lied to him.
STUDIES??? I really love to study but after the entry of all the vampire stuff in my life I hardly study.But I hate exams, and my dad’s  question made me remember that our exams were coming. I can’t handle so much pressure !!!
I cut my phone.
“So! Can we expect from you that you won’t go for the ritual” Alexander asked.
I smiled and said “NO”
“I was knowing it” Sara exclaimed in an angry voice.
Next thing that happened to me was horrible.Everyone went away, locking me in the room. The room was beautiful with white paint over its walls and dark brown furniture which included a study table near the window, a bed with a white bedsheet and there was a beautiful flower-pot having my favourite red roses with white lilies.

I was hovering here and there in the room so as to find a way to get out of the room.Since it was on first floor,I couldn’t jump out of the window.
There was an almirah.I opened it and found a diary. I know that It’s very bad to read someone’s diary but I guess It was my way of taking revenge as they locked me.I opened it

‘YEAR 1926’

I read the name and got to know that It was Ryan’s diary.I was in Ryan’s room.The room was beautiful then expected.I thought that his room would be dark with dim lights but to my surprise, it was bright and lively.

‘ It has been a long time since I became a monster. I can read everyone’s mind and somehow its disgusting and creepy. I am peeping into everyone’s life’

I turned the page

‘I hate sunlight.It’s hurting me.Probably its a punishment for all my sins that I commit as a vampire.My eyes have become sensitive.I am experiencing an unbearable skin irritation and of course I’m STARVING’

Since I was determined to read all of his diary I turned some pages and found something interesting.

‘ Today, My love,Sabina came to meet me.She had returned from Italy .I was quiet horrified to tell her that I’m a monster now, but I told her.She understands me better than anyone else’

Sabina ??? I wondered who she was .But I didn’t react like a jealous bitch.I’m quiet good at accepting the past events of people.Everyone has a past.Even, I knew that he loves me so there was no point of getting angry.I was just a bit disappointed that I’m not his first love.

‘Sabina tastes delicious.I  can’t forget the delightful pleasure I get each time when I pierce my sharp new fangs in her OH-SO-PERFECT skin’

Now I was a little jealous. But wait ! I was quiet surprised to read that he was feeding on her.How could he do this to her?He loved her.
I turned some pages and read something tragic.

I loved her but vampirism took away my soul. I killed My aunt Meredith and now I’m the only reason why Sabina died.How can I be so damn cruel ! I was just feeding on her everyday without realizing that how painful would it be for Sabina !!!
Oh Sabina ! come back.I need you to be with me at such a crucial path of my life’

I wondered what would have happened to her? Did he kill her?
It was a face of Ryan that was impossible to imagine.Vampirism really took away his soul.But now, he has changed.Suddenly I heard the footsteps. I opened the Almirah and put the diary in the same position as it was.
Ryan entered in the room.
“Ain’t you getting bore here?” He asked me.
“Actually No, its fun to be in your room” I told him mischievously.
“Who is Sabina?” I asked him .I just can’t keep myself from knowing any secret.
“Did you read my diary?” He asked awkwardly.
“Yes! I did ” I told him hesitantly and smiled in a silly way.
He got a little sad.May be I shouldn’t have brought her in our discussion.
He began”She was my love.She was very pretty” He paused as if he was trying to imagine her face.
He continued “She had migrated from italy to Transylvania.Initially, I never talked to her due to my shy nature but one day, I told her that I love her.She also accepted the fact that she admires me.She went to Italy with her parents as there were lots of riots going on here.It was the time-period in which I turned into a vampire.As she returned back, I told her that I’m a vampire. I got so indulged in the blood-drinking activity that I compelled her to let me taste her” I could see the guilt on his face.
“I promised her that I would make her a vampire and we would live together, forever.She got fascinated by my idea.But I stopped feeling anything.She got annoyed because I used to drop the plan of our marriage every time, when she talked about it.Finally, I told her that I don’t love her anymore”
I could judge from the expression of his face that he could still feel the pain of loosing her.
“It was the last time we ever talked.She committed suicide.She burnt herself alive.” There was a stillness in the atmosphere.
He came closer to me and hold my face with his hands.
“I don’t want to lose you.I can’t defeat Darrel but at least I can protect you” He said to me.
He kissed my forhead.I smiled.
I decided that I won’t help Darrel in unleashing his powers because I realized that may be I don’t respect my life, but there are many people who need me like my father, Elle and of course Ryan.But how could I ignore a big fact that my decision could be fatal for life of the people I love.


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