Published December 1, 2012 by vampirefantasy

” Hello Lord Darrel ! are you ready for unleashing your powers?” Sasha, a witch helping Darrel asked him.
“Ofcourse !” Darrel said calmly.
“It’s 11’o clock.We have to perform the spell at correct 12:00 am.So bring the girl.Till then, I will be preparing for the ritual” She informed him.
Darrel sat in his car and came to my house so as to take me.
“Hey ! Emerson, come out of your house!” He said while opening the main entrance door.
No one replied.He figured out that I wasn’t at my house.
He went to Ryan’s house hastily.But geez ! We weren’t there.The time was 11:30 pm.The ritual had to happen at 12:00 am.
He couldn’t waste his time.
Ryan took me to a forest near the Brasov,transylvania. Sara,James and Alexander were with us.Suddenly my phone rang.
“Alina ! I need your help.Please come, as soon as possible” Elle said to me while sobbing.
“Fine ! I’m coming” I said to her while getting worried for her.She instantly cut the phone.
“Elle needs me.I need to go to her house now !” I requested Ryan.
“It is dangerous to go to Brasov.James can go there” Ryan told me.
“I can only handle her.I’ll go ” I told him firmly.
“Are you taking me there or else I’ll go by myself” I asked him angrily.
He took out his car keys angrily and we all went there.He knows that I’m stubborn.
I knocked the door.Elle opened the door hastily, hugged me and began crying.
“Are you fine?” I asked her.
“No ! Please come with me” She took me and everyone to her backyard.
The scene was really horrible.Her Backyard was filled with 5 to 6 dead-bodies.They were drained brutally.Smell was coming from her backyard.The night was making the scene even more scary.Blood stains could be found everywhere in her backyard.
“I’m sorry. I couldn’t control myself” She apologized while sobbing.
“Where are your parents and brother?” I asked worriedly.
“They have gone for a vaccation.I insisted them to let me stay here” She told me.
I hugged her so as to console her.
“Blood bag is not sufficient.It doesn’t make me feel as much stronger and happier as the human blood makes me feel.But I don’t want to kill anyone” She told us her condition.
“Stop Crying Elle .Everything is Ok ! You need to become strong now” James said to her gently.
I could see the concern on the face of James for Elle.
“You need to become a strong woman now.You are not a whiny girl anymore” Sara told her politely yet firmly.
Elle wiped her tears and there was a spark in her eyes.She was ready to become a mature vampire.
“I’m gonna stay here” I told her.
“No you can’t.Actually she is suffering from a painful transition.She can attack you.I’m here to stay with her.It’s better that no human should be here tonight” James told me.
I nodded my head.Sara told us that it’s 12:15 am.The time is over for ritual.We were very happy.We have got some time till the next no-moon night.
At graveyard, Sasha was preparing for the ritual.
“I couldn’t find her anywhere” Darrel told to Sasha.
“What ! I casted a spell so as to increase negativity and powers around me.I t would have helped in unleashing the powers.You are a vampire so you are directly associated with negativity.Since it’s a no-moon night,many dangerous spirits would have come out of the grave due to enhancing the negative energy of the graveyard” She told him with lots of fear.
“What are we gonna do now?” She asked him angrily as if she was shouting at him.
Darrel can’t bear if anyone dominates him.He angrily held her neck
“I am surely gonna find a way.It would be better if you shut your mouth and wait for my next instruction” He left her angrily.
She gasped.She was breathing heavily.
Ryan left me to my house.
I couldn’t stay at Ryan’s house as I would have felt quiet awkward.Harper’s house was far.I decided to stay in my house.
“Please come to my house” Ryan requested me.
“I’m fine here.Darrel won’t ever kill me.He needs me” I told him.
I felt as if someone was staring us.I looked here and there and didn’t find anyone.I ignored.
“Now you should go” I said to him sweetly.
“Alright ! Take care” He hugged me and went away.
Ryan returned to his home.
“I’m very concerned about Alina” Ryan told to Alexander.
“It’s all because you love her” He told Ryan while smiling.
“I’m very unlucky. Why am I not getting any girlfriend?” He asked to him in a light mood.
“Wait for your dream girl” Ryan advised him.
They both felt as if someone was around them, but as they look around the room there was nobody.


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