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I was quiet tired so I slept.
I heard a voice.I checked the time on my mobile and it was 2:00 am.I realized that the voice was coming from the bathroom.It was the sound of water droplets.I got up and went to Bathroom.I reached the bathroom and saw that some water drops were coming out of the tap.I closed it.As I turned, the water drops again began to come out of the tap.I was a little afraid but I closed the tap again.
As I turned,the water began to come out of the tap with full speed.I didn’t have enough courage to stand there and close the tap,I ran out of the bathroom with full speed.
I was running towards the room so as to get my mobile.I was able to pick up my mobile and came out of my room.Suddenly the door closed and some one pushed me so hard that my mobile fell down and as I was standing on the staircase, I fell down.My forhead started bleeding.Though,It wasn’t bleeding heavily.Actually,I was sighing heavily.
I looked around the house and I saw nobody.I was frightened.
“Stay away from Ryan” A strong voice of a woman came from backside.
As I turned, I saw a very dangerous body in front of me.A girl was standing with her white frock slightly tore and totally covered in dust.Her body was totally burnt.The body was totally black.It was unbearable to see her.
Before,I could say anything she hit me without even touching me.She made a deep cut over my hand.I screamed.Blood was coming out of it.
Then she again made a cut on my second hand.She was continuously making cuts on my legs and hands.I was crying and screaming.
“Ryan forgot me.It’s all due to you”She shouted and threw me far away.
Fortunately,I fell near my mobile.I wasn’t able to move due to the pain but somehow I reached my mobile.I called Ryan.
“Hello Ryan! Ryan ,save me” I said to him while crying.
“What happened Alina?” He asked with extreme worry.
Before I could say anything ,she came near me and hit me so hard on my face that I was on the verge of getting fainted.
Ryan heard my screams and came to my house as soon as possible along with Alexander and Sara.
“Alina” He shouted my name.
Suddenly the main entrance door flung open.I was visible to him.The staircase was colinear to the main entrance door.
I was standing on the staircase and the ghost was standing behind me.
“Sabina…” Ryan said with surprise when he saw the ghost.
The ghost was of Sabina.
“Ryan ! I’m gonna kill her because you love her” She said in a strong and calm voice.
“Please no ! Please” I begged her.
“Don’t do this Sabina” Ryan shouted but he couldn’t come in my house.
Sabina pushed me from the staricase.My forhead started bleeding heavily.
“Alina” Ryan shouted with lots of pain in his voice.
“Ryan, you should call Darrel.He can only go inside” Alexander suggested.
“Don’t waste time.Call him now” James ordered.
Ryan took out his phone and called Ryan.
“Please come to Alina’s house now” Ryan requested Darrel.
Darrel cut the phone and Reached.
“Probably you have called to apologize” He assumed gladly.
“Please save Alina.You can only go inside” Ryan requested him.
Darrel held his throat tightly.
“You didn’t let the ritual happen.Let her suffer” Darrel said happily.
“Please ! Help her.She is gonna die.The ghost will kill her”Sara requested
“Ryan’s ex-girlfriend just wanna kill her because Ryan loves Alina” James told him.
He left him angrily and went inside the house.
“Hey Ghost !where are you?” He asked.
I was laying on the floor.
The ghost closed the main entrance door but Darrel didn’t hesitate.
She appeared in front of Darrel.
“Creepy ex” He said in a very low voice.
“Lets make a deal .Let me take the girl with me and you can have Ryan” He tried to make a deal with Sabina.
“Ryan don’t love me anymore” She said while looking at me.
“I’m gonna take her away so that you can be with Ryan” He tried to convince her.
“If he will not follow you, you will always have a chance to kill her” He added with a hope that she’ll agree.
Finally,after thinking a little she nodded her head.
Ryan picked me up.
“Leave me” I protested in a low voice as all my energy was finished.
He didn’t provoke on seeing my blood.May be it was due to the fact that he was a 12oo years old vampire with lots of experience.
He took me away  from the back gate.He was running in extremely super fast speed.He couldn’t go at the front gate to take his car.
All of them were waiting outside.
Sabina came out of the house.
“Where is Alina?” Ryan asked angrily.
“She is save with Darrel” She told her while smiling.
“How dare you to attack her” He asked.
She got vanished.
“I need to go now” Ryan told to everyone.
As he was about to go, Sara hold her hand.
“You can’t go” Sara ordered her.
“He will chop you into pieces” Alexander warned him.
“So do you all want that I should just watch the drama calmly?” He asked angrily.
“Wait for the right time” Sara advised her.
He wasn’t ready to go back home.
“We need a plan to fight against Darrel.We are surely gonna find that where he is taking her and we’ll bring her back” Alexander said to him.
“But till then, we have to wait”Sara told him firmly.
Ryan along with Alexander and Sara went back angrily.


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