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Published December 6, 2012 by vampirefantasy

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Published October 10, 2012 by vampirefantasy

” Today is the first day of 11th class, i’m quiet excited ” I said  to Elle in a joyful tone. Elle replied ” Yeah ! me too, we are gonna rock 11th, see you in the school today. Good bye, Alina !”
“Good bye, dear ” I wished back and cut the phone.
As I entered in the school,  Harper and Farah were standing at the door to wish me.
” Hie dear, welcome back to school. How were the holidays ? ” Harper asked hastily.
“They were quiet boring. I spent my time watching some fine fantasy movies and what about you both ? “I asked.
” I went to Virginia for meeting my uncle and aunt” Farah replied with her same arrogant tone.
Suddenly, Elle interrupted and wished all of  us ” A very good morning guys ” and hugged each one of us.
Bell rang and we all entered in our commerce class.
“Guys ! I need to go to the fees counter” I informed them and went outside the class.
As I reached the fees counter , I saw a boy standing at the fees counter. I gazed at a boy with so much concentration for the first time.His body was perfect than any other school boy. His deep blue eyes were perfectly paired with his red lips. His complexion was, though, paler than any other student but was suiting with his personality. He had extraordinary looks and he was very attractive.I couldn’t stop staring him but suddenly I controlled my feelings, gathered all my emotions and reached at the fees counter. As I was standing beside him, I could feel as if a current of thousand volts was passing through my body. I got back to normal only when he left the counter.
I spelled my name to the teacher sitting at the fees counter, submitted my fees, received the receipt and started walking back to my classroom.
I reached my classroom and occupied my seat beside Elle .
Our new class-teacher Mr. Braun entered with a very bright face. He seemed to be quiet enthusiastic.
He began ” good morning, students. Welcome to your new class. I am your new class teacher .So you have to endure me for this whole session” He laughed at his own sentence whereas we were just smiling on his non humorous sentence. He was a good teacher and a very nice person but it is not always important that a person with a good attitude has a good sense of humor.
He continued ” Well students, we have a new student with us” He turned his face towards the entrance door and we all started looking at the door desperately.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was the boy, I saw at the fees counter . I was feeling very happy that he was my classmate but I didn’t let my feelings to come over my face.
Mr. Braun asked ” so would you please introduce yourself ?”
He began ” Hello guys ! I’m Ryan Kingston. I’m glad to be a part of your school ”
Mr. Braun asked him to sit. He occupied the last seat of first row as it was the only seat left in the class. May be the seat was also waiting for him. Elle whispered ” He is a hottie. I would like to hangout with him ”
I could heard Harper and Farah talking to each other.
” He is so smart ” Harper said.
“Yeah ! He is so perfect.” Farah said in an ambitious tone.
“I hope he is not committed ” Harper wished
” Yes , I hope so ” Farah added.
At the time, I wasn’t interested in his relationship status. I could only think that he was an extraordinarily smart boy but I  didn’t react like the other girls of the class. When the first class got over, Joe, the coolest boy of the class approached him.
” Hie dude, would you like to join us ” Joe asked with full attitude.
” Actually, I work alone, but you guys seem fun ” Ryan replied in a friendly way.
Next class, was History, the most hateful subject for the students but a lovely one for me. Our history teacher, Miss. Diana entered and wished us good morning. She began her topic ” So students. how many of you know the history of Transylvania ” We all were living in Transylvania but we hardly knew its history. I said “Madam. Transylvania is the historical region in the central part of Romania.” Miss Diana asked ” Would you please elaborate miss……”
” Alina” I completed her sentence.
“Transylvania was once the nucleus of the Kingdom of Dacia ,  then the Roman Empire conquered the territory, systematically exploiting its resources.”Ryan added.
All the students began to look at him.Miss Diana got highly impressed. She may have attracted by his personality also because she gazed him for around 8 seconds and then she continued “The Hungarians conquered the area at the beginning of the 10th century”
“At the end of 9th century “Ryan corrected.”and Hungarians firmly established their control over it in 1003″
I thought that his act of correcting her must have annoyed her but she didn’t get annoyed rather she accepted her fault and told him ” Thank you for correcting me Mr…. “.
“I’m Ryan Kingston”He told his name and passed a confident smile.
He seemed to be a package of smartass answers.
Other classes also passed and all the teachers got impressed by Ryan or I would say they were influenced by ‘ THE RYAN EFFECT ‘
As the bell rang, indicating the dispersal, we all went out of our class.I, Harper and Elle were standing outside the school  just talking to each other about the first day, but I was more interested in watching Ryan who was standing near a shiny, black Lamborghini. Then he wished Good bye to Joe and his other friends, opened the door and sat in his ultra beautiful Lamborghini. Suddenly Harper exclaimed ” Oh my God ! A Lamborghini ” Elle added  ” He is a money man . I want him. ”
Suddenly he looked out of his Lamborghini’s window and  his eyes met my eyes. I tried to ignore him and looked here and there but it was hard to resist him. He closed his window, started the car and went off.
“Was he looking at me ?” Elle asked.
“Just go and see your face in mirror, dear ” Harper insulted her.
“Oh really ! Its better you should shut your mouth, girl ” Elle told her aggressively .
“Guys ! why are you fighting? Stop it. I need to go now. See you tomorrow. Bye.” I said in a polite way.
“Bye, Alina ” Harper wished me.
Then I started walking in my house direction whereas Harper and Elle took another route.I have always been a girl who was never satisfied with her looks.So as I was walking on the road, I thought that it must be Harper or Elle to whom he have looked from the window because in my opinion I didn’t deserve his attention. I reached my home.