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Published November 8, 2012 by vampirefantasy

I reached school.
“Hey Alina ! Are you ok?” Ryan approached me and asked .
“Yeah ! I am fine now.”I told him with a dull smile on my face.
“Hie ! You must be Alina” A girl came towards us while saying this.
“I am Sara” She introduced herself.
“Oh ya ! Sara !! Ryan has told me about you”I told her.
Sara was wearing very funky outfits.She was a tomboyish kind of girl.
Bell rang.
“We must leave now.See you in recess.Bye”Ryan informed Sara and went to the class with me.
We were sitting together in class room on the last seat so that teacher won’t see us talking.Mr. Koch, our literature teacher was teaching us Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
“It’s really annoying that they weren’t able to live together ” I said annoyingly to Ryan.
“True Love doesn’t always leads to happy endings.Sometimes, Death makes your true love immortal”He said it in a very polite way.
“What do you think about True Love?How would you define it?”I asked him in a very lovely way.
“True Love…..ummm…Henry Van Dyke quoted ‘ Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear,too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice,but for those who love, time is eternity ‘ and Alina ! I want to spend eternity with you.If I have to tell you how much you mean to me, I would never get a chance to finish ” He added. I was constantly staring him.I blushed.
“Ryan…”I couldn’t complete my sentence as I was thinking when did he fall in love with me.Was it the time he was dancing with me? Was it the time I was singing the romantic song? Or was it the time I accepted him as a vampire ?
“Alina ! IĀ  love you as the way you are.You are unique and precious” He was looking so gorgeous while saying all of these lines.
Mr. Koch interrupted ” So would you both concentrate in your class”
I didn’t bother to listen Mr. Koch when I was listening the mostĀ gorgeous person on the earth.We both began concentrating in the class but I was totally lost in his dreams.Ryan, my charming prince.
I allowed him to spend some time with his friends.I was sitting with Elle, Harper and Farah,
“You know what ! Joe proposed me”Elle said excitedly.
“Wow ! Love it ! So, when did he propose you?”I asked excitedly.
“Yesterday,He took me on a date and proposed me there”She said happily.
I was so so so happy for her.
“OMG ! Its awesome.Now I also wanna get committed” Harper added while giggling.
“Great! Congrats” Farah wished her but I couldn’t judge happiness on her face.She was probably jealous.
“Now, its party time”I shouted gladly.
“Yeah ! Now we are gonna make your pockets empty.Yuhu !”Harper said happily and hugged her.”
I didn’t say a word about what had Ryan said to me as I didn’t want to spread the news about the bonding between me and Ryan.Though all were getting a little suspicious about our relationship.