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Published November 9, 2012 by vampirefantasy

At evening, Elle came to my home.
“So, tell me ! whats going on between you and Ryan?” Elle asked suspiciously.
“Nothing ! We are just good friends” I tried to convince her.
“Now ! are you gonna hide things from me ?” She asked sadly.
I hugged her nicely.
“Alright ! but promise me ! you are not gonna tell it to anyone, not even Harper” I asked for her promise.
“yes ! I promise ” She said excitedly.
“Ryan told me that he loves me and I am also having the same feelings for him. He is just so different and nicer than any other boy.He understands me.I never feel any kind of awkwardness with him.He is just so perfect for me. ” I told her while smiling and blushing.
“OMG ! I am really happy for you. Now we both are committed.I am so happy ” She said excitedly.
“Yeah ! But we are not official couple. So please don’t spread this news ” I requested her.
Being committed to someone was a big deal for me .I have always been a studious kind of girl. Though, I was a beautiful girl, with long dark brown hairs and slim body , but there was a lot of innocence, cuteness and simplicity on my face. I never wore boring clothes, rather I prefer wearing skirts and middies.
After hearing about my love story, Elle excitedly hugged me and as she was getting late, she wished me good-bye and went away.