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Published November 10, 2012 by vampirefantasy

I wore a big black gown for the ball. I applied my favourite pink lip gloss, and made curls of my beautiful long hairs. I always prefer simplicity.I couldn’t imagine that I could look so much beautiful. My gown was very beautiful. It was resembling simplicity, elegance and royalty. My door bell rang. Ryan had arrived to pick me up. As I opened my door, I could see the reaction on his face. He was totally staring me.
“You are looking like a princess” He gave me the compliment while offering me his hand and constantly staring me.
“Thank you ! Ryan” I gave my hand in his hand and he took me towards his car. We both sat in the car.
“I have to come back till 11’0 clock, so that dad doesn’t come to know about this ball” I told him firmly.
“Ok ! I will make sure, that you will come back on time” He smiled.
We reached at the ball.As I entered, almost everyone was looking at me. I had never received so much attention, so I was getting nervous, But, the moment I saw Ryan, I forgot my nervousness.
“Hie Ryan !” Sara came and hugged him.
“Your date is looking hot” She told Ryan while looking at me. I smiled.
“I need to go now, so as to accompany Alexander, but you both, keep enjoying” She informed and went away. She was wearing a white gown but It failed to hide her tomboyish look , but she was looking cute with her pixie hair cut.
“Can we dance, Ms. Emerson?”He asked while offering me his hand.
“Ofcorse ! Mr. Kingston.” I gave him my hand and we began the ball dance. He was dancing perfectly. I’m a good dancer, so I perfectly danced with him.
“Attention Please ! It’s a great night tonight. We are having a very special person with us.Please welcome Lord Darrel Kenway” The host of the party announced.
All began to look at the staircase desperately.I didn’t know who he was, but I assumed by the prefix ‘ lord ‘ that he must be a royal, and Highly honoured person.
He came into appearance and started walking downstairs. He was a very charming boy of around 20 years old. He was devilishly sexy and seductive.He was having dark brown hairs with a green eye colour. He was just as handsome as Ryan.His body was perfect. ‘ Not so muscular, but not so thin’.He was wearing a black suit, without a tie. I wondered why would they call a boy by adding ‘ lord’ in his name.
The host bowed his head when he came near him.Then, after meeting some people at the party, he reached to us.
“Hello, Ryan.It has been a long time since I met you.It’s good to see you again” He said in a very mysterious voice with a devilish smile on his face yet so sexy.Then suddenly he looked at me.Ryan brought him between me and Lord Darrel Kenway but Lord Darrel smirked.
“Don’t you know? You should not block the path of Lord” the host came and pushed Ryan aside.The host was holding Ryan while Lord Darrel came towards me.
“Hello ” He smiled. He took my hand and kissed it gently.
I bowed and wished ” Hello Lord Darrel Kenway”
“You can call me Darrel” He said to me.
He went away.
“Just leave me Edwardo ” Ryan released his arm from the host while uttering this line annoyingly. Edwardo went away.
“Who is he ?” I asked Ryan.
“Thats Lord Darrel Kenway, but I call him Darrel.He is the most strongest vampire right now. He had killed many vampires.So all are afraid of him.Everyone call him Lord because he belongs to one of the oldest family of vampires.He is said to be a legend” Ryan told me.
“How does he know you?” I asked while looking at Darrel.
“I was a part of their fake royalty .But I didn’t want a life, licking the foot of Darrel, just because he is stronger than me, so I left the palace” He told me. I was really surprised after knowing all these things.
“Would you mind If I snatch away your date for a minute?” Darrel came and asked. I thought he was not asking, probably he was telling him in a question form that he was gonna dance with me.Ryan didn’t react.
“Can we?” Darrel asked me while offering his hand.I looked at Ryan.
“Go Alina” Sara came and ordered me. Ryan blinked his eyes as if he was agreeing.
I gave my hand to Darrel and we went to dance.
“So ! Alina,It’s really good to meet you” Darrel said to me while dancing and looking constantly in my eyes.I just smiled uncomfortably.
“You are fascinating.I can’t read your mind.” He looked at my ring and then smirked.
” I need to go now ” I said to him and went away. Everyone was staring me because I just left Darrel and I could judge from the facial expressions of the people that they all were thinking ‘ how can she leave Lord Darrel Kenway who is amazingly sexy and Devil’
I ordered Ryan to take me home as I was getting late. We went away.