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Published November 11, 2012 by vampirefantasy

I reached school. I saw Sara and Ryan talking to each other. I sat in class because I didn’t want to disturb them.Harper and Elle were absent. They didn’t even tell me. I never received full attention of only person who just cared for me and no one else.I was always the second option for my friends. Elle, Harper and me were very good friends, but many a times they made me realize that they both are quiet close to each other, which made me felt left-over.Ryan was the only one who gave me all of his attention, but today, he didn’t come in class, rather he decided to spend some time with Sara and I didn’t know why ? I thought that they must be discussing about yesterday’s event. I spent my whole day getting bored with Farah. Finally, when I saw Ryan was alone, I approached Ryan.
“So, are you busy ?” I asked.
” Alina, are you a witch ?” He asked me, narrowing his eyes.
“No, I told you that I didn’t show even a single sign of witch” I told him.
“He is Ronald” Sara introduced a man to us.
“He is a warlock” she added.
He took my hand and closed his eyes.
“What is he doing?” I asked Ryan.
Ronald opened his eyes and left my hand anxiously.
“She is not a witch, but she is gifted by the powers due to which no one of you can read her mind or hypnotize her”He told to Ryan and Sara.I was totally confused about what was going on.
“What happen Ryan? Why are you so worried?” I asked him.
“Darrel wants you” He told me.
“What !” I exclaimed.
“You are a normal human who can’t be hypnotized and no vampire can read your mind.We don’t know, what he will do to you.May be he has found you fascinating” Sara told me.
Alexander and James came.
“I listened him saying to Edwardo that he wants you but we don’t know why.He is not a person who can fall in love so easily, so there must be a reason that he wants you” James told me.
I remembered that he told me that he found me fascinating.
“he may kill you to enhance his power” Alexander assumed.
“Me and Sara are leaving Transylvania today. so as to solve this mystery.We will come back in two days.Alexender and James are here to protect you” Ryan informed me.
I was so damn confused.
At night Ryan called me.I picked up my phone.
“I’m going Alina.Please, keep yourself safe. If you want any kind of help,you can call Alexander or James”Ryan said to me
“I’m safe. There is no need to go anywhere” I tried to convince Ryan.
“Your life is important Alina” Ryan told me firmly.
“Bye Ryan. Take care ” I cut the phone with a tear in my eye.