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Published November 19, 2012 by vampirefantasy

Darrel didn’t come to school for about 2 days.
I was walking with Elle on the terrace. We were celebrating ‘cleaning week’ in school so we both were cleaning the terrace.
“You have changed a bit” Elle told me while smiling.
“How?” I asked surprisingly.
“Earlier, you used to complain me that how boring and aimless your life is.You was never happy with your life.But now, you have stopped complaining” She told me.
“May be, it’s all due to Ryan” she teased me.
“No, I mean yes, Oh no..arggg..Alright Yes. It’s due to Ryan.My life has become rocking now, though there are some complications ” I told her.
“Complications ? May be you was remembering me” I heard someone saying this, we both turned and saw Darrel.
“Elle, you should go” I said to Elle firmly.
“No,  Elle should be here to witness our sweet, little conversation” Darrel said .
Elle was totally confused.
“I didn’t come to school because I went away to meet my witch but how dare you to run away from my house?” He asked angrily .
“Was you in his house?” Elle asked me confusingly.
I didn’t answer her question.
“It’s really dangerous to unleash your powers” I told him.
“Oh really! It is even more dangerous to not help me” He said to me in a challenging voice.
He ran towards Elle, grabbed her hand, pulled her and drank her blood.
I ran towards him so as to stop him but he pushed me.I fell on the floor.My hand started bleeding.He threw Elle on the floor and zoomed off.
I ran towards Elle and hold her in my arms.
“Oh my god ! Elle !” I cried and shook her so as to make her regain consiousness.James reached on the terrace.He may be had come to join us.
“Hey ! what happened Alina?” James asked me worriedly when he saw me crying.
“Darrel killed her” I told him while crying.
“Please ! do something. Save her.I beg you” I requested him.
He checked her nerves.
“She is still alive but I don’t think so that she would be able to make it to the hospital” He told me worriedly.
He bit his wrist and made her drink the blood coming out of his wrist.She was able to drink some blood but eventually she died.
“Oh no ! Elle  ! Oh god, please help” I was praying and crying continuously.
“Since she has died after having some of the vampire blood in her system, she would become a vampire”  He told me worriedly.
“What ! Curse Darrel. Elle never wanted all this in her life.It’s all my mistake” I said to him while sobbing .
James called Ryan and they took her to their house.I came to know that Ryan, Alexander, James and Sara were living in the same house.It was a beautiful mansion of around 5 rooms.
We waited for around 6 hours.I was continuously praying to god to save her.
She suddenly opened her eyes but they were red. She instantly sat.
“What is happening to me ?” She asked to all of us with fear.
“Hey, everything is alright.Believe me” I told her while holding her hand.
She began to bring my wrist closer to her mouth.Ryan came and pulled me away from her.
“How are you feeling Elle?” Ryan asked her.
“I’m feeling as if I’m starving.I want something.I’m feeling as if my throat is craving for something.I can’t control myself” She told us fearfully.
She screamed
“I’m feeling pain in my teeths.Why?” She asked confusingly.
“You are developing fangs” James told her
“You are a vampire now” I told her sadly.
“What ! It’s impossible. Vampires are fictious.Wait ! Are you all vampires ?” She asked surprisingly.
“Yes, they all are vampires Elle ” I told her.
“Oh no… I don’t want this life. I’m craving for blood ! ” She said while sobbing.
“I’ll help you in your transition ” James told Elle with a confidence in his eyes.
“No ! I can’t live like this ” She said angrily.I was feeling very bad for her.
Her eyes were still red.It depicts that a vampire is starving.
Ryan and me started leaving the room so as to give some time to James and Elle. When I was leaving, she grabbed me from the back and bit me.
“Leave Her” Ryan shouted and pushed her.
She wasn’t able to drink a lot of blood.Some bood was there around her mouth.
“I’m sorry Alina” She apologised.
I wasn’t able to say a word.I just left the room with Ryan.
Meanwhile James began to teach her about vampirism.
“Since you are a new-born, you will have to prevent yourself from going in the sun” James told Elle.
“You can go outside for around 2 to 4 hours only, depending on the quantity of blood you are drinking ” He told her.
“What about my school ?” She asked worriedly .
“You have to spend most of your time remaining inside” James told her.
She started sobbing.He held her hands.
“You can do this Elle.You are strong enough” He consoled her.
“You just have to tell yourself each and every moment that you can control yourself.I do this.I’m able to control myself”He told her while smiling.
“If you are drinking blood from animals or blood bag, you can be able to sustain sunlight for about 2 hours, whereas drinking blood directly from human beings would be more nutritious and you will be able to survive for around 4 hours” He told her.
“I can’t kill anyone ” She said.
“But you will want to” He told her fearfully while looking in her eyes.
“Slowly and steadily, your duration for bearing the sun will increase depending on the type of blood you are drinking” He told her.
James left her with a blood bag and I sat with Elle.
“How Are you feeling?” I asked her anxiously.
“A little better due to the blood bag but the craving is still there.It’s hurting me even more and more and encouraging me to drink from you” She told while being afraid of what she has become.
I realised that how difficult would it be for Ryan to control his cravings so as to prevent himself from hurting me.