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Published November 26, 2012 by vampirefantasy

I reached school.Elle was standing in the corridor.She was waiting for me.
“So how are you feeling now ?”I asked worriedly.
“I’m feeling fine now but I think I’m gonna miss being human” She said while getting sad.
“Hey.Life is still fun.Believe me.Now you’ve super speed,super strength and you can compel anyone ” I told her while smiling so as to inspire her to live happily.
We both saw Joe standing with his new girlfriend Alex.
Alex was a brat.She was the most popular girl of school.She always tried to outshone Elle.
She was talking to Joe while seeing if Elle was noticing her or not
“Do you said that I can compel anyone? ” Elle asked mysteriously.
“Yeah ! But what are you planning to do?” I asked hesitantly as I was knowing her motive.
She began to walk towards Joe.She passed a smile to Joe and Alex.
“Hie Alex” Elle wished with full attitude.
“Hey Elle” She reciprocated with attitude.
“I hope that you won’t mind giving a tight slap to Joe” Elle said while looking in her eyes, in order to compel her.
“Slap him” Elle ordered her. Joe was totally confused.Before he could understand anything,Alex slapped him tightly.Every student standing in the corridor began to look at them.
Elle giggled and came back to me.Joe left the corridor angrily.
“Now I know that Being vampire is super-awesome” She said while smiling and giving me a high-five. I laughed.
“Hie Alina and Baby vamp” Alexander came and wished us.
“Though you must be knowing me, but lets meet officially.I’m Alexander” He said to Elle and she smiled.
We went to the classroom where Ryan, James and Sara were talking to each other.
“Guys! I’m quiet nervous ” I told everyone.
“Why” Elle asked as she wasn’t knowing anything.
“Today I’ve to unleash Darrel’s power.There is no way out of it” I told her.She was surprised and upset.
“I just can’t see anyone dying anymore” I said and sighed.
“Ryan, why my father was at the verge of death though he was wearing the ring?” I asked surprisingly.
“Though he was wearing the ring enchanted by witches, but it can protect the person from any supernatural death only, as much as I know, Darrel compelled him to kill himself.So according to me, It took the shape of a suicide and not any supernatural death” Ryan told me.
Everyone agreed.
“I’m still confused that how did he come to know about Ronald? ” I asked confusingly.
“Because Xaro was spying on you all” A voice came from backside.We all saw that Darrel was standing at the threshold of the room.He was looking casual in white t-shirt and light blue jeans.Though, whenever I met him,He wore casual clothes of extremely dark colours.
“He was a good spy but He shouldn’t have told you anything.I killed him as well as Ronald and thus, finishing your any way to kill me” He told us while smiling and looking at each one of us.
He went away.I was extremely annoyed.Everybody looked extremely angry.
Afterward, we didn’t discuss about ritual.
Harper,Elle and me went to the school ground.
Elle screamed.
“What happen ?” I asked anxiously.
“Are you alright?” Harper asked confusingly.
“I can’t bear the sunlight anymore.Please do something” Elle begged.
Harper was still confused.
“Harper, lets take her to the washroom” I suggested and took her to the washroom.
Elle was feeling severe migraine and skin irritation.
“I’m starving, Alina.I need it now” Elle told me while screaming in pain.
“Where’s your blood bag?” I asked hastily.
“In my bag” She told me.
Harper was very confused.
As I rushed outside, I saw Sara.
“Sara ! Elle and Harper are in the washroom.Elle is experiencing migraine and skin irritation.Please help her out” I requested her.She agreed and went to the washroom.Meanwhile, I went to take the blood bag.
As Sara reached in the washroom, she saw that Elle attacked Harper.
She was brutally draining her.
“Leave her” Sara shouted and pushed her far away from Harper.
I also reached to the washroom.
Elle put her hands on her eyes and shouted as her eyes had become sensitive to sun.
She ran towards me, snatched away the blood bag, drank the blood from it wildly.Blood was all over her face.
Harper was very afraid and sobbing a little bit.
We took Elle and Harper to a covered room.Elle felt quiet relaxed.
Sara was first-aiding Harper.
“You need to forget it all.You just remember that you fell from the staircase.Now, go away” Sara compelled Harper.
Harper nodded her head.She went away.
I consoled Elle by hugging her. She wasn’t able to come out of the shock that she attacked Harper.
“Everything is fine now.Try to be away from sunlight as long as possible”Sara warned Elle.
“James is going to drop you to your house today” Sara told Elle.
“No, there is no need” Elle refused.
“Well, there is a big need.Do you mind going with me?” James entered in the room and asked Elle gently.
“Don’t take me wrong” She smiled.She apparently got ready.
Sara and I left James and Elle alone for sometime.
Sara went away.As I was going to meet Ryan, Darrel popped up in front of me.
“I need you to come with me.I want to discuss something about ritual” He ordered me.He took me in his office.
“Today, the ritual has to happen.If you or your friends tried to stop me, you know the consequences” He warned me.I nodded my head with a little hesitation.
“Today is no-moon night.It is the day, when all the negative energies would be at the top.In order to unleash my powers, it is considered as the best night.If it doesn’t happen today, then I have to wait for the next no-moon night.But unfortunately,I can’t wait anymore.For completing the ritual, we will need a few drops of your blood” He added.
“Is there any possibility that I’ll die” I asked with fear in my voice.
“There is a fifty-fifty chance of survival and death.You may die if you are not able to handle the negative energy around you but dear,Life is incomplete without adventures” He smiled, clearly showing that he didn’t care even if I would die.
After knowing all this, I went away. I didn’t go to meet Ryan.I was sitting in my classroom silently.It was really difficult to handle the fact that I might die during the ritual.
James took Elle in his car.
Sara and Alexander went together.
I went to my house with Ryan in his car.As I reached my house I wished him Good bye.
Before entering the house, I looked at him, he was standing outside his car.
“I might die today” I told him fearfully.
“I won’t let you die” He ensured.
Suddenly Sara and Alexander appeared.
Sara hit a strong metal like object on my head.The pain was unbearable.I fainted.