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Published October 22, 2012 by vampirefantasy

As I reached the school next day, I was very excited to enter in my class, may be because of Ryan. Elle sat with Joe, Harper with Nike and Farah with Jeremy ,so, Ryan sat with me.
“We have a Musical Show on Sunday and I want all of you to participate and perform couple dances like salsa, waltz, etc.” Mrs. Forbes came in class,announced and went away.
“That’s so cool” Elle exclaimed.
“Yeah ! It is.” Harper agreed.
“So lets decide our partners”Farah suggested.
All girls wanted to be the partner of Ryan but I think he was not ready to be a part of this show. Since I was very shy, I didn’t ask any boy to be my partner, neither, any boy asked me ūüė¶
I was sitting sadly in canteen, Ryan approached me.
“Hey ! are you all right.”Ryan asked.
I couldn’t stop staring him, once again. I was feeling like a retarded girl who was watching the most handsome boy of the school or probably the universe with a crazy smile on face.Suddenly, I woke up from my dreams and answered him.
”¬†I just want to be a part of this show but may be I am not good enough to be someone’s partner” I sighed.
I never thought I would be able to show my feeling to a boy so freely. Even, Elle has to request me a lot for telling her my problems but I think, He may be had magic in his voice which made me feel so secure to tell him my problem with such a faith. He sat besides me.

“Well, I didn’t wanna be a part of this show but may be you are good enough to rope me in.”He said while looking ¬†at my face though I wasn’t looking at him, rather, I was ¬†trying to control my feelings for him by staring the ground.
“No, I think you deserve a better partner”I told him my opinion.
” I was looking for a perfect partner and I think I have found one” He paused.” You have to accept yourself. Love what you are, May be, you have something special, which no one have “He said to me in a very polite, though, convincing voice.
“Girl, don’t think so negative,¬†you are better than many people who are living on this big ¬†jail-like world” He added.
I didn’t want him to feel like I am a very blunt and gloomy girl so I preferred to stop our conversation. “OK, I will tell you tomorrow”I said with a smile.He smiled back.
I asked Elle about it who was performing with Joe,She encouraged me to dance with him.
“OK¬†! I would love to be your partner” I told him.
“So can we start our practice? And believe me, Alina, we are gonna rock the stage.” He gave a very Sparky look.
We began choreographing our dance.He hold my hand and I felt like I¬†am the most luckiest girl. He looked in my eyes and we began Waltz. I was just dancing ¬†with a big grin on my face. At one point I was so close to him, that I was barely able to breathe, as I wasn’t able to believe that it’s happening. But I think I am the only one who ruins the mood. I took my step back, again keeping a comfortable distance between us. We practiced daily and it was the show time. We danced together and I think I became one of the most popular girl of the school, just by dancing with Ryan. Harper and Farah were very jealous whereas Elle was really happy as I really worked well with a boy for the first time. So double thumbs up for me.
We began to spend time with each other, as our whole group sat together and ate, but usually, I wasn’t the one who was talking freely, I just laughed at their non-humorous jokes but talked very less whereas Ryan¬†preferred ¬†to smack down ¬†other boys with his clever answers or hangout with some other bunch of boys who were also new in school, just a little less smarter than Ryan, but still, more than enough for any ordinary woman.There was a¬†girl in that group too.¬†He seemed quiet comfortable with them though they were from different classes. Actually they all have joined the school at the same time.
My days were going very nice as I was the girl who was getting Ryan’s attention more than any other school girl. The beauties and the hotties of the school began noticing me. Though, It didn’t matter to me as anything that mattered , was being with him, talking to him, even if it was just for five minutes. Believe me, those five minutes, made my days beautiful.