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Published October 22, 2012 by vampirefantasy

I think I had begun liking him but I didn’t want to accept my feelings rather I started avoiding him to stop my feelings growing further for him.
“Alina, A-Alina” He shouted my name in corridor in order to stop me but I avoided him and moved on.
He ran towards me, held my arm so tightly, that it forced me to face towards him.
“Whats wrong , Ryan? I asked, while watching other students passing by, and staring us.
“Whats wrong with you Alina? You are behaving so strange, You have to tell me.”He forced me to answer while holding my arm.The girls who were watching us were whispering with each other. I heard a girl saying “gosh ! He is looking so sexy” It made me even more uncomfortable, I made efforts to free my arm from his grip, but I failed. I finally answered him “I don’t want us to hangout together”He left my arm, leaving reddish marks on it and went away in a super-angry mood.I felt very bad but It was for the good. My father never wanted me to develop any kind of romantic relationship with anyone during my school life. He trusted me so I didn’t want to break his trust. I was knowing that Ryan must not be feeling anything more than friendship for a girl like me, but I wasn’t able to control what I felt for him so I considered it a better option to break my friendship with him.He was staring me in the classroom while I was talking with Elle and Harper.I wish I could stay there so that he could stare me as long as he want but I went to washroom.
“I can’t feel anything for him”I tried to convince myself.
“Move on Alina, All boys are same. They just use girls and throw them away” I never agreed with this fact but in order to convince myself I repeated this line in my mind.