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Published October 24, 2012 by vampirefantasy

Ryan finally came to school.He was going in the class but I stopped him
” Ryan, I am really sorry for whatever I have done ” I apologized.
“Actually you have reacted in the same way that the other people would do after meeting a monster like me ” He said to me and began walking towards the class.
“Hey ! stop. I never meant to make you feel like a monster but I was very much confused . But believe me, I trust you. You would never do anything to hurt me .You tried your best to stop yourself and you succeeded so please don’t think that I am scared of you.Rather you saved my life from those two vampires .So I respect you”I smiled.
We sat together in the class.
“I am sorry I could not invite you in my house that day, because my father is the owner, so he only have the authority to invite you in ” I apologized.
“You know a lot about us ” He smiled.
“Yes ! I know. But how are you able to walk in the sun ?I can’t see you sparkling or wearing any kind of ring.” I asked confusingly.
“Actually.Neither we sparkle nor we require any ring.As we grow older, our capacity of enduring the sun increases. I can endure the sun for about 8 to 10 hours. New vampires can only bear the sunlight for about 2 to 4 hours. Older vampires ultimately get immune to any kind of danger that sunlight contains. But even after 8-10 hours, I will not burn. It will just create migraine problems, I will experience severe irritation on my skin and I will get very weak” He clarified.
Then we began concentrating in our class.In recess, I didn’t sit with Elle, Harper and Farah, rather I went to school terrace with Ryan for getting answers of my unending questions.
” So, whats your age ?” I asked suspiciously.
” I am 103 years old ” He answered with his golden grin.
“So….do you get affected by holy water, crucifix or garlic ?” I asked with a stupid expression on my face. He smiled.
“These are myths, Alina. And please don’t ask if we sleep in coffins because you know the answer.Believe me, Internet sucks… because it spreads unbelievably stupid myths about vampires “He laughed.
“Is it painful to live the same life for so many years ?” I asked. I thought that he was a sufferer but I think I was wrong.
“You seemed really obsessed by the twilight series”He laughed. I laughed on my own stupidity.
” Yes, there are many vampires who are sufferer but I chose a different path. Initially I hated myself but slowly Sara taught me to enjoy my life ” He added.
“Who is Sara ? I see you hanging out with some students who are from different class.Is she one of them ?I asked.
” Girl, you notice me ” he smirked.
” No..I don’t. It’s just that I saw you once or twice with them ” I clarified while shying.
“OK….Yeah ! She is one of them. Earlier, we were in college but we got bored with doing college again and again, so we decided to be a part of a school this year “He told me.
“We spend a lot of time in different hobbies. We learn different languages.We go to different cities and enjoy their culture. Being a vampire, you have a lot of time to fulfill your dreams ” He smiled.
“But…you don’t look happy all the time. I have seen you sitting alone sometimes, with a deep sadness over your face” I said with a curiosity over my face to know him.
“I must say girl, You notice me a LOT ” He again smirked.May be he didn’t want to discuss this topic.
“I guess, the recess is over so we should go downstairs” He added.
We both went to classroom and didn’t have any conversation regarding his vampirism afterward.I lied to Elle, Harper and Farah that I was busy doing my homework in the library during the recess .