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Published November 4, 2012 by vampirefantasy

I bunked my school , so as to spend some time with Ryan. We had begun understanding each other. Ryan could only understand me, better than anyone else.
” So, are you enjoying your first school bunk?” Ryan asked mischievously.
“Yes! of course. I never thought that I am capable of bunking the school ! WHOA ! I am feeling so independent today”I said excitedly.
“You are capable of everything you wanna do ! believe me ” Ryan said to me and I could see the confidence in his eyes, It was a confidence on me.
“Alina ! I really like you. You are a sweet, simple, down-to-earth and generous girl.I have been living for so many years but I have never found a girl like you.You are unique and  your uniqueness is what makes you special” He said to me while looking in my eyes.I was speechless.
“I’m a vampire, still you have so much faith on me.Why ?”He asked with a guilt on his face.
“Because I know that you would never hurt or betray me.I trust you” We were gazing each other pleasantly.
“When did you become a vampire?”I asked.
“In 1926,When I was 17 years old, I was being turned into a vampire  .Initially, It was very hard to adjust in a new atmosphere.But I slowly adjusted.I had to spend my days staying in my house.Since, I was a new-born, I was unable to endure the sunlight for a longer period of time..My parents had died when I was 2 years old, they died in a local revolt.Since then,Aunt Meredith was my guardian.But, I think that Vampirism took away my soul.After becoming a vampire, my first prey was my Aunt Meredith.I never wanted to kill her but Vampirism leads to starvation.You can’t keep yourself from killing people.I have killed many people, but now,I survive on blood bags” He explained me.I could see the guilt on his face for killing his aunt.
“Can a vampire kill me?”I asked suspiciously.
“No, Vampires cant”He confirmed.I wondered why.
“Actually,It’s due to your ring”He pointed out at my ring.
“It’s just a simple ring, given by my mother”I tried to convince him with my statement.
“No Alina ! It’s a special ring, enchanted by witches.No vampire can kill you and no supernatural power can be used on you”He opened up the secret of my ring.
“But, my mother was never associated with any kind of supernatural element” I told him.
“It would be better if you ask your father about your mother”He suggested me.
At night, my father came back to home.
“Was my mother related to any kind of supernatural stuff?” I asked hastily .
“Why are you asking me this ?”He asked suspiciously.
“Because my ring isn’t ordinary.It protects me from any kind of supernatural power” I told him.He was surprised that I knew this.
“Maria, was a witch….Alina !”He told me. I was dumbstruck .
“How could she? You never told me about this secret.”I was angry.
“I wanted you to have a normal life.I didn’t want you to connect with any supernatural element.Your mother and her ancestors, all were witch.In order to protect you with any kind of supernatural power, she enchanted this ring and gave it to you.There is a possibility that you may also be a witch but thankfully, till now, you haven’t shown any of the sign” He paused.
“but how did you come to know about the secret of this ring ?” He asked suspiciously.
“I…..mmm….It doesn’t matter”I shouted angrily so as to save me from answering his question.
“You didn’t tell me a big secret of my life”I said with frustation.I ran upstairs and locked myself in my room.I took out my phone and called Ryan.
“Hey! How did you know that my ring was enchanted?”I asked.
“Alina ! Because I saw your ring and I know the cases under which we, the supernatural beings are not able to use powers on a human being”He told me.
“But now, my father is asking how did I come to know about my ring.So what should I tell him?”I asked worriedly.
“You can tell him that ….ummm….You read it from a book, the same ring was drawn in the book .Hey! what else your father told you ?”He asked me hastily.
“He told me that my mother was a witch and there is a possibility that I can be a witch too, but thankfully I haven’t shown any sign yet”I told him.
“Alright  ! Are you ok ?” He asked with lots of concern.
“No, I ‘m not.I don’t know how many things are kept out of my sight.I don’t know how to react right now.My mother was a witch.I can be a witch too.You are a vampire,Huh ! I am feeling like I am surrounding with lots of supernatural stuff.”I was frustrated and It could be judged by my voice.
“I’ll call you later.Take care. Bye”I cut the phone.
At night , I told my father that I came to know about my ring from a book and he trusted my fake story. But that night was spent wondering if there is any other secret yet to open up.