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My school was off, Ryan returned back.I went with him to a beautiful grassy area covered with trees and surrounded by bays.I was looking very upset.
“Hey ! Don’t be sad.We can figure out the solution of the problem”He tried to console me.
“I am feeling very bad because he has threatened me to kill my father” I told him while shedding a tear but wiping it off as soon as possible so as to make sure, Ryan didn’t see me crying.
“He told me that someone is spying on me”I told him sadly.
He got suspicious.
“If we would unleash his power, then he would be able to compel the vampires, hypnotize them and use them as per his convenience which is a big danger to human world also”He told me.
“Can’t we kill him?”I asked.
“Actually, we can’t.Being an old vampire of 12oo years, he has gained capacity of enduring the wooden stake” He told me while being upset.
“There must be any way to kill him” I said to him.
“I could only find this much information in Virginia, it’s the place where he was living for last 500 years.But I got to know that he is the resident of Transylvania.He is not going to leave it soon” He told me.
I couldn’t handle anymore discussion, I was very upset.
Ryan hugged me.It was the best feeling in the world, to be in the arms of Ryan.I was feeling like I am in Heaven.For a second, I forgot all the problems and wished that I could pause the moment as it was.But I jumped into reality as soon as I left him.He dropped me to my home.
“Hello Dad !doing household chores?” I asked my father.
“Yes !I thought that it is better to stay in the house today and clean it up a little” He said to me while smiling.
“I’m going for freshening up then I’ll come and help you”I informed him and went to my room.
I got shocked to see Darrel sitting in my room and operating my Laptop.
“Who gave you the permission to enter in my house ?” I asked him angrily.
“I compelled your father and he allowed me in.It’s such a sweet of him”He told me. I was super-annoyed.
I took out my mobile to call Ryan but he ran towards me and threw it on the ground,almost crushing it.
“Stay the hell out of my house “I ordered him.
“Alina ! come downstairs.I’ve prepared the lunch for you”My father called me.
“Lets go .I’m feeling very hungry”He grabbed my arm and took me with him.He forcefully made me sit.My father didn’t react at all.Huh ! because he was being compelled.
Darrel was eating the food like a royal prince.
“Stop annoying me.I can’t unleash your power.It will become a big problem, not only for vampires but for humans too”I told him.
He looked at me and smiled.
My father was working in the kitchen.He took out the knife and stabbed himself in stomach.
I ran towards him and held him.
“Your father can’t die a supernatural death due to your ring but Of course I can compel him to kill himself”He told me and left the house.
I began to cry.I took my father’s mobile and called Ryan.When Ryan arrived, I brought my dad outside the house.Ryan helped me to take him to the hospital.
“I hate him very much” I cried and Ryan tried to console me in every best manner that was possible.I got a little relaxed when doctor told me that he is out of danger.But the clouds of danger were still hovering around me and everyone I love.



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I reached school.Fortunately, I didn’t see Darrel anywhere.I was sitting in the classroom when suddenly Farah came to me.
“Mr. Braun is calling you.He have some work for you”Farah informed me.
I went outside the class.There was no one in the corridor as everyone was sitting in the class and studying.
As I was walking, Darrel appeared from nowhere and blocked my way.I realized in a blink that he must have compelled her to call me.
“I want to talk to you” Darrel told me while coming closer to me.I took a step back.
“Leave her alone, Lord” Alexander came and ordered him firmly.
Darrel ran in a super-fast speed, and held the throat of Alexander.He was making his grip stronger with each passing second.I thought that He was going to rip his head off just by making his clutch, more and more powerful.
“Leave him, I will talk to you.But please ! Leave him” I cried out,
I can’t bear to see anyone getting hurt.
He left him and began to look at me.
“Please go Alexander” I requested Alexander firmly.
“I have promised to Ryan that I’ll look after you” Alexander protested.
“Please go ! I’m safe” I showed him the ring.
“Can’t you listen what she said, LEAVE” Darrel ordered him in a very strong voice.
Alexander left.
“What do you want from me?” I asked Darrel.
“First of all, listen the rule while talking to me….you can’t lie”He told me while smiling.
I nodded my head.
“So tell me dear, were your ancestors witch?” He asked me.
“I don’t know” I told him.
He held my neck so strong that I was barely able to breathe.
“Answer me correctly dear ” He warned me and left my neck.
“Yes, my mother and her ancestors were witch” I told him anxiously.I was shivering.
“Well Well !I ‘m not able to read your mind.Do you have any other power ?” He asked.
I didn’t answer.
“Ok ! Lets check. Dance for me” He said this while looking in my eyes.
I thought that he was probably insane.I didn’t react.
“Great ! So no vampire can hypnotize you.Fascinating ” He said to me.
“Do you have any other power?” He asked me even more excitedly.
“I have not shown any sign of a witch yet”I told him.
“Yes and you won’t “He told me.I looked at him with a very confuse expression on my face.
“Actually I will call you a witan, a combination of witch and himan.Well that’s a name given by me to the species like you who are normal humans but with one or two special abilities” He told me.
“What the hell do you want from me?” I asked him annoyingly.
“Unfortunately, you are very useful for me, my little precious witan.I want you to unleash some of my powers which were bound by another witan who probably died due to using so much power” He told me.
“Neither I have any kind of power nor I know any spell” I told him.
“Why don’t you take the help of a witch, warlock or something like them?” I asked him irritably.
“Because a witan can only break the spell of another witan”He told me.
He again came closer to me.I was already shivering and then, my heartbeats also began to run extremely fast.
“She was the only witan I knew and I couldn’t find any other witan so I thought that bloodline of witan must have finished due to her death but BRAVO ! We got another witan belonging to witch bloodline” He smirked.
“You just have to read the spell given by me and TA DA ! my powers would be unleashed ” He added.
“What kind of powers would be released ?” I asked suspiciously.
“That’s none of your business, sweety ” He said to me which annoyed me even more.
“What if I will not help you?” I asked him with lots of fortitude.
“Then I will kill everyone you love, especially your FATHER.My spy has been eyeing on you and I know that you really love your father ” He threatened me while smiling as if it was too easy for him to kill anyone.
He left me.I was totally horrified.Later Alexander and James came to me.I told them everything.They got worried.
I returned to my home.
“papa ! I want you to take this ring”I said to my father while giving him my ring.
“No ! your mother gave it to you”He refused to take it.
“Please, wear this,For me.I beg you” I requested him.
“I don’t want to wear this.It’s creepy.I don’t want to throw it in trash so It would be better if you wear this”I shouted and threw the ring on the ground.I was really upset for doing so but it was the best way to force him to wear the ring.I ran upstairs and went into my room.
He kept on knocking the door till midnight.I opened the door and hugged my father.
“I want to protect you with any kind of supernatural power that is persisting around us”I told him.
“But what about you?”He asked worriedly.
“I’m safe Dad.I’m a witch and It can’t work on witches”I lied to him.
“What !”He exclaimed surprisingly.
“Now would you please wear it because I’m safe but not you.Just wear it NOW” I ordered him.
He wore it and I hugged him.
“I never wanted a supernatural life for you”My father said to me.
“I know father”I was feeling very guilty for lying to him
I went to sleep or I would say I laid on my bed and began thinking about the ‘WITAN’ stuff.
On that day,Alexander, James and me were not able to communicate with Ryan because he was either getting unreachable or his mobile was switched off.


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I reached school.I was really sad as today I had to spend my day without Ryan.
“You know ! We are having a new school incharge” Elle informed me.
“What happened to Mr. Clark?”I asked to Elle and Harper surprisingly.
“We don’t know.I have come to know that the new incharge is super-hot and super-sexy” Harper told excitedly
“Gosh ! I’m so damn excited” Elle exclaimed.
We sat in class.I was sitting with Harper as Elle was busy with Joe.
“Students, please welcome your new incharge” Mr. Braun announced.
The new incharge entered the class.I got goosebumps because I was so surprised to see our new incharge.I couldn’t believe on my eyes.My mind stopped working for a second.Then slowly, I regain consciousness.
“Hello students ! I’m your new incharge” Darrel said while smiling mischievously
He looked at me mysteriously and gladly.
“Mr. Braun, would you mind leaving me and the class alone for sometime?” Darrel asked Mr. Braun with gentleness.
“Oh ! sure”Mr. Braun went away.
“Hey !Feel free to discuss anything with me.Your linkups, your breakups” He smiled with a super hot attitude.
“So, I would like you all to introduce yourself to me” Darrel said
One by One each student began to introduce himself.Now It was my turn.
“My name is Alina Emerson” I said with an expression of confusion.
“Pardon please” He requested me even when I had said my name in a loud voice which could be heard by each and everyone sitting in the room.
“Alina Emerson” I said it out aloud.
After completing the introduction session,
“I am very glad to meet you all” He looked at me again.
I began looking here and there.He went outside the class.
“OH MY GOD ! pinch me Alina.I couldn’t believe I have seen such a handsome boy” Harper said excitedly.
“Please! Help me in making him my boyfriend” Harper said to me.
” He is a teacher” I said to her while totally confused because I wasn’t knowing, what he was doing in my school.
After Dispersal.
“What is he doing here?” I asked Alexander.
“I don’t know Alina.But I have to inform Ryan to find out his motives as soon as possible” Alexander told me.
“You should stay alert right now” Alexander warned me.
I nodded my head and went to my house.
At night, I felt as if someone was standing outside my house.As I looked through my window, there was no body.
I slept around 2:00 am.I was thinking about Ryan and motives of Darrel.


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I reached school. I saw Sara and Ryan talking to each other. I sat in class because I didn’t want to disturb them.Harper and Elle were absent. They didn’t even tell me. I never received full attention of only person who just cared for me and no one else.I was always the second option for my friends. Elle, Harper and me were very good friends, but many a times they made me realize that they both are quiet close to each other, which made me felt left-over.Ryan was the only one who gave me all of his attention, but today, he didn’t come in class, rather he decided to spend some time with Sara and I didn’t know why ? I thought that they must be discussing about yesterday’s event. I spent my whole day getting bored with Farah. Finally, when I saw Ryan was alone, I approached Ryan.
“So, are you busy ?” I asked.
” Alina, are you a witch ?” He asked me, narrowing his eyes.
“No, I told you that I didn’t show even a single sign of witch” I told him.
“He is Ronald” Sara introduced a man to us.
“He is a warlock” she added.
He took my hand and closed his eyes.
“What is he doing?” I asked Ryan.
Ronald opened his eyes and left my hand anxiously.
“She is not a witch, but she is gifted by the powers due to which no one of you can read her mind or hypnotize her”He told to Ryan and Sara.I was totally confused about what was going on.
“What happen Ryan? Why are you so worried?” I asked him.
“Darrel wants you” He told me.
“What !” I exclaimed.
“You are a normal human who can’t be hypnotized and no vampire can read your mind.We don’t know, what he will do to you.May be he has found you fascinating” Sara told me.
Alexander and James came.
“I listened him saying to Edwardo that he wants you but we don’t know why.He is not a person who can fall in love so easily, so there must be a reason that he wants you” James told me.
I remembered that he told me that he found me fascinating.
“he may kill you to enhance his power” Alexander assumed.
“Me and Sara are leaving Transylvania today. so as to solve this mystery.We will come back in two days.Alexender and James are here to protect you” Ryan informed me.
I was so damn confused.
At night Ryan called me.I picked up my phone.
“I’m going Alina.Please, keep yourself safe. If you want any kind of help,you can call Alexander or James”Ryan said to me
“I’m safe. There is no need to go anywhere” I tried to convince Ryan.
“Your life is important Alina” Ryan told me firmly.
“Bye Ryan. Take care ” I cut the phone with a tear in my eye.


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I wore a big black gown for the ball. I applied my favourite pink lip gloss, and made curls of my beautiful long hairs. I always prefer simplicity.I couldn’t imagine that I could look so much beautiful. My gown was very beautiful. It was resembling simplicity, elegance and royalty. My door bell rang. Ryan had arrived to pick me up. As I opened my door, I could see the reaction on his face. He was totally staring me.
“You are looking like a princess” He gave me the compliment while offering me his hand and constantly staring me.
“Thank you ! Ryan” I gave my hand in his hand and he took me towards his car. We both sat in the car.
“I have to come back till 11’0 clock, so that dad doesn’t come to know about this ball” I told him firmly.
“Ok ! I will make sure, that you will come back on time” He smiled.
We reached at the ball.As I entered, almost everyone was looking at me. I had never received so much attention, so I was getting nervous, But, the moment I saw Ryan, I forgot my nervousness.
“Hie Ryan !” Sara came and hugged him.
“Your date is looking hot” She told Ryan while looking at me. I smiled.
“I need to go now, so as to accompany Alexander, but you both, keep enjoying” She informed and went away. She was wearing a white gown but It failed to hide her tomboyish look , but she was looking cute with her pixie hair cut.
“Can we dance, Ms. Emerson?”He asked while offering me his hand.
“Ofcorse ! Mr. Kingston.” I gave him my hand and we began the ball dance. He was dancing perfectly. I’m a good dancer, so I perfectly danced with him.
“Attention Please ! It’s a great night tonight. We are having a very special person with us.Please welcome Lord Darrel Kenway” The host of the party announced.
All began to look at the staircase desperately.I didn’t know who he was, but I assumed by the prefix ‘ lord ‘ that he must be a royal, and Highly honoured person.
He came into appearance and started walking downstairs. He was a very charming boy of around 20 years old. He was devilishly sexy and seductive.He was having dark brown hairs with a green eye colour. He was just as handsome as Ryan.His body was perfect. ‘ Not so muscular, but not so thin’.He was wearing a black suit, without a tie. I wondered why would they call a boy by adding ‘ lord’ in his name.
The host bowed his head when he came near him.Then, after meeting some people at the party, he reached to us.
“Hello, Ryan.It has been a long time since I met you.It’s good to see you again” He said in a very mysterious voice with a devilish smile on his face yet so sexy.Then suddenly he looked at me.Ryan brought him between me and Lord Darrel Kenway but Lord Darrel smirked.
“Don’t you know? You should not block the path of Lord” the host came and pushed Ryan aside.The host was holding Ryan while Lord Darrel came towards me.
“Hello ” He smiled. He took my hand and kissed it gently.
I bowed and wished ” Hello Lord Darrel Kenway”
“You can call me Darrel” He said to me.
He went away.
“Just leave me Edwardo ” Ryan released his arm from the host while uttering this line annoyingly. Edwardo went away.
“Who is he ?” I asked Ryan.
“Thats Lord Darrel Kenway, but I call him Darrel.He is the most strongest vampire right now. He had killed many vampires.So all are afraid of him.Everyone call him Lord because he belongs to one of the oldest family of vampires.He is said to be a legend” Ryan told me.
“How does he know you?” I asked while looking at Darrel.
“I was a part of their fake royalty .But I didn’t want a life, licking the foot of Darrel, just because he is stronger than me, so I left the palace” He told me. I was really surprised after knowing all these things.
“Would you mind If I snatch away your date for a minute?” Darrel came and asked. I thought he was not asking, probably he was telling him in a question form that he was gonna dance with me.Ryan didn’t react.
“Can we?” Darrel asked me while offering his hand.I looked at Ryan.
“Go Alina” Sara came and ordered me. Ryan blinked his eyes as if he was agreeing.
I gave my hand to Darrel and we went to dance.
“So ! Alina,It’s really good to meet you” Darrel said to me while dancing and looking constantly in my eyes.I just smiled uncomfortably.
“You are fascinating.I can’t read your mind.” He looked at my ring and then smirked.
” I need to go now ” I said to him and went away. Everyone was staring me because I just left Darrel and I could judge from the facial expressions of the people that they all were thinking ‘ how can she leave Lord Darrel Kenway who is amazingly sexy and Devil’
I ordered Ryan to take me home as I was getting late. We went away.


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Our school was off, so I decided to spend my day with Ryan.We went to a beautiful park.
“Alina, So don’t you wanna know anything about me?” He asked to me.
“Actually, I wanna know a lot of things, but I’m not a girl who force someone to tell me each and everything, I believe whenever someone would be comfortable to tell me anything, he or she would” I told him. He smiled.He listened me while his arms crossed and constantly watched me.
“So, ask !” He told me.
“How did you become a vampire?” I asked while narrowing my eyes.
“Actually ! I was a fighter in the revolt.At the time of revolt, all young boys were made to fight for the local revolt.. I was dying, because I got shot by 1 bullet.But Sara turned me before my death.”He told me.I was so much surprised.
“Ok ! So Sara helped in your transition?” I asked.
“Yes ! She is a really nice friend.Even Alexender and James are also nice. They all helped me a lot.”He told me.It seemed that he is very much bonded with Sara as a friend.
“I got to go now.”He informed me.
“Hey, why are you leaving so early ?”I asked him sadly.
“I have to  attend a ball today, so I need to go for getting ready”He told me.
“So who is your date?” I asked him suspiciously.
“No one ! “He smiled.
“Can I go with you?” I asked with a cute face.
“No ! There would be lots of vampires.”He warned me.
“Please ! Let me come with you.You would be there with me.Please,Please, Please” I requested him. I am very stubborn.
“Alright ! But you will not go anywhere without me” He ordered me. I nodded my head in an agreeable way.I smiled.
“I will pick you up at 8’o clock” He informed me.
“Yeah ! Thank you ” I said with a very big grin.
He dropped me to my house,


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At evening, Elle came to my home.
“So, tell me ! whats going on between you and Ryan?” Elle asked suspiciously.
“Nothing ! We are just good friends” I tried to convince her.
“Now ! are you gonna hide things from me ?” She asked sadly.
I hugged her nicely.
“Alright ! but promise me ! you are not gonna tell it to anyone, not even Harper” I asked for her promise.
“yes ! I promise ” She said excitedly.
“Ryan told me that he loves me and I am also having the same feelings for him. He is just so different and nicer than any other boy.He understands me.I never feel any kind of awkwardness with him.He is just so perfect for me. ” I told her while smiling and blushing.
“OMG ! I am really happy for you. Now we both are committed.I am so happy ” She said excitedly.
“Yeah ! But we are not official couple. So please don’t spread this news ” I requested her.
Being committed to someone was a big deal for me .I have always been a studious kind of girl. Though, I was a beautiful girl, with long dark brown hairs and slim body , but there was a lot of innocence, cuteness and simplicity on my face. I never wore boring clothes, rather I prefer wearing skirts and middies.
After hearing about my love story, Elle excitedly hugged me and as she was getting late, she wished me good-bye and went away.